12 Time-tested Tips on the Creation of Mind Blowing Tourism Brochures

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Are you involved in designing brochures for the tourism sector? If yes, you must know how immensely important brochures are in this particular industry. Hence, a brochure design promoting a tourist place must be especially attractive. Moreover, readers should find the brochures useful in knowing everything about a tourist spot. This is the reason why experienced designers follow some useful rules of designing tourism brochures. People generally engage in detailed research, before they decide on a tourist destination. Such research helps them to get all the necessary information about a place before they can visit it. In this aspect, tourism brochures can prove to be highly beneficial for the masses.

As a brochure designer, you must know how to make tourism brochures a hit among the targeted customers of your clients. As already mentioned, you must follow certain time-tested tips for that. These tips can guide you in making your brochure successful in attracting readers.

In this blog, I am going to discuss some of the important tips that can help you in creating effective tourism brochures.

# Including testimonials of tourists –

Readers can be interested in visiting a place when they come to know about the experiences of other travelers. They can also find out how your client serves its customers, who are traveling for leisure. Thus, including testimonials can be a good way of attracting more customers towards the tourism business of your client.

Honest, authentic and legitimate customer testimonials can be extremely helpful in making a successful tourism brochure. Hence, you can take the permission of previous tourists to add their testimonials in the brochure graphic design.

# Leaving the readers curious –

Leaving a few questions unanswered can give your client an opportunity of getting more clients. Leaving some of the queries unanswered can give the readers a push to contact your client’s business for more information. So, as a brochure designer, you should never be swayed by the temptation of letting out all the information in a tourism brochure.

# Using unique graphics and images –

Images and graphics are inevitable to make a tourism brochure effective. If the photographs and graphics in a tourism brochure are unique, they can surely catch the eyes of the prospective customers of your clients. The pictures should also be clear so that people can study them conveniently. Hence, the brochure design you develop for your client from the tourism industry must have high-quality and fascinating images and graphics.

# Keeping the needs of would-be travelers in mind –

You must think from the perspective of the potential travelers when you create a tourism brochure. This can help you in understanding what kind of information travelers would need a place of tourist interest. Writing from this point of view can create a positive impact on the readers and urge them to avail the company of your client for travel purposes.

# Catering to ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘why’ –

These are the three most important criteria your brochure must cater to. If you do not answer these questions, then the readers may not find the brochure to be up to the mark. You must tell the readers who your client is and what he or she does for customers. You should also tell the prospective customers why they must hire the services of your client’s business when they go on a trip. If readers are satisfied with the answers you deliver, they can get motivated to take some positive action.

# Customizing the brochure to make it exceptional –

If you want the tourism brochures you are crafting to get famous among the prospective customers of your clients, you must make them exceptional. To make fascinating brochures, you must customize them effectively, keeping in mind the needs of the readers. Therefore, you should not use the common brochure designing templates to make tourism brochures. Also, to customize brochures and make them unique, your client must increase his or her budget. However, it is your duty to assure your client that expensive brochures, if crafted intelligently, can be more appealing to readers. Hence, your client can get more customers by investing in costlier tourism brochures.

# Maintaining consistency in images, graphics, and branding –

Consistency is the key to a successful tourism brochure graphic design. Even though you change the photographs and content of the consecutive brochures you design for a client, they must have uniformity in design, style and fonts. Moreover, the logo of your client’s business must appear in every brochure you design. This can help customers in relating to the tourism brochures from a particular business and opting for the services the latter is providing.

# Maintaining simplicity in a brochure –

To keep a tourism brochure simple, you must avoid industry jargon, unusual phrases, and difficult words. You should follow this tip so that readers can easily relate to the tourism brochure you are creating. As tourists are fond of brochures that have simple content, chances are higher that they are going to opt for the services your client is providing.

# Keeping the option of contacting you convenient –

Contacting your client must be easy for the readers. Thus, you should include each type of contact method right at the top of a tourism brochure. When readers get options in the methods of contacting your client, they can choose the one, which is most convenient for them. To give this opportunity to potential customers, you must include in a brochure the physical address of your client, phone numbers, website address, email and fax number.

# Making it easy for readers to scan a brochure –

Readers should never face any difficulty in scanning through a brochure. Thus, a tourism brochure design should never be filled with too much text. Rather, to make the brochures appealing, you can include in them more images and graphics.

# Motivating readers to take an action and have an experience –

The tourism brochures you make for your clients must motivate the readers to take an action. This implies availing the services provided by your clients to travelers. Readers must also be interested in collaborating with your clients for improving their travel experiences. For this, you must add a compelling call to action. The success of a tourism brochure hugely depends on the effectiveness of its call to action.

# Telling a story to the readers –

To intrigue the readers, every brochure you create must tell a story. For this, you must be sure of what your client wants to convey to his or her readers before you start working on a brochure. The story should promote the business of your client and strive to convert the readers into long-time customers. Including stories can also add a personal touch to the brochures and make the marketing tools more popular among readers.

These tips can be very useful for every designer, dedicated to making interesting tourism brochure graphic design. Hence, you too can take the help of these guidelines and create tourism brochures, that are going to grab the attention of the prospective customers of your clients. Tourism brochures created by blending the techniques mentioned in these tips and your mastery can surely ignite the wanderlust in multiple readers.

5th Dec, 2016

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