13 Mind Blowing Tri-fold Brochure Design Concepts To Promote your Business.

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It’s been a long time since you last promoted your business in a full-fledged manner and want to indulge in the game again. There are a few products you want to promote and what can be better than brochure designing?  It’s affordable and easy. This is exactly what I did. Yes, you are right, I adopted the strategy of sending e-brochures to my target audiences. In no time, did my store start having a considerable amount of client footfall? These days, tri-fold brochures are in vogue and so are e-brochures. You can try using these unique and affordable marketing tools for promoting your business. All you have to do is contact a company offering efficient brochure design services and tell them what you need.

But, when you come to think of it, all is not done yet. You need to understand what your clients want and exactly what type of a brochure can make them buy your products or services.

This blog underlines some of the most interesting and exciting trifold designs for your brochures.

1. Square tri-fold brochure

Do you have a furniture business? In that case, a square brochure can be perfect to promote your latest products. Display your items within geometrical shapes to enhance the sharp and smart products you have out there. But make sure that the designs are uniform. This will give a homogeneous impact to the entire theme.

2. Square tri-fold with colorful patterns

You sell toys for children and colorful brochures are what you need to promote your products. Place a colorful balloon beside each product you advertise. This will not only attract your target audience, i.e., children, but also compel their parents to rush to your store. Companies offering dynamic e-brochure design services can help you reach out to a large client base in a jiffy. When parents and children go through your brochures, they feel drawn towards your store.

3. Kindergarten school tri-fold

A fresh looking brochure can appeal to the minds of children and their parents. Children are fresh and so are their mindset. A tri-fold brochure with pictures of green grass and a child walking on it can attract a great many students to your academy.

4. Black and white tri-fold business brochure

In the event that your business caters to the core sector, your brochure  needs to be all serious and to the point. Make sure that the designers create it in such a manner that it looks as dignified as possible. Black and white is the perfect combination to market your core sector business.

5. Travel tri-fold

Your travel business will see flying colors with tri-fold brochures in bright colors. The brighter it is, the more will it grab the attention of your target audiences. The company providing high-end brochure design services will present you with attractive brochures. In no time will you see hordes of clients approaching you for travel tickets and hotel bookings.

6. Restaurant tri-fold

If your restaurant is presenting new dishes, you can do so by sending e-brochures to your clients. Brochure designers can design the brochure in a manner, which highlights the dishes in a clear way. An experienced designer can embed images of the dishes inside circles and mention their  names along with their price.

If there is a new offer, say on Christmas, display it clearly with a colorful message. A friend of mine took the help of a brochure design expert to promote new offers in his restaurant business. The designers used red, green and white to show the brightness of the occasion. Within a very short period of time after sending the brochures, he started receiving calls with queries about the new offer. It did not stop there, guests started rushing in to avail the lucrative offer.

7. Real estate tri-fold

Do you own a real estate business? Welcome to the team. As a real estate business owner, I approached an e-brochure design services provider to craft a smart and intelligent looking brochure for my business. The professionals gave it a simple, yet imposing look with the right use of colors and text font. My business brochure primarily had 2 colors, namely, blue and white. The left panel had some text about my company while the central and the right panels showed my portfolio with images of the buildings my company has built.

8. Square tri-fold for business

You can promote your business with tri-fold brochures in suitable colors. The first page can have the name and the logo of the business while the following pages can be filled with your latest services or products.

9. Corporate tri-fold

In the event that you are the owner of an Information Technology company, you can market your business in a smart manner. Your brochure may consist of a graph and other tools to portray the success your company has achieved in the last year.

Well, this is something you cannot send to all and anon. You can send it to potential investors and stakeholders of your company. When they see how you have improved in the past year, they will be influenced to invest in your company.

10. Square tri-fold brochure for corporate house

If you want to show potential investors what your company is all about, you can send them a list of probable questions and answers that may come up. The recipient will go through all the answers and get a better insight into what your company offers and what your policies are. With the help of professionals offering advanced brochure design services, you can convey your message to those whom you are sending your brochure.

11. Company promotional tri-fold brochure

I know, what you are going to say. All brochures are promotional in nature. But, what if you add a ‘Why Choose Us’ section? It will tell the recipients how you are different from the rest of the companies in your field.

12. College tri-fold

If you own a college or any other educational institute, you can display the courses you offer and the fees you charge through the brochures. Show pictures of the college and the classes.

Some e-brochures constitute of videos of testimonials by existing or former students. This feature can help in attracting hordes of students to your college or institute. The more positive and confident the students sound, the more appealing your brochure becomes to potential students.  Make sure that it is attractive and informative, so that more and more students enroll in the courses that you offer.

13. Service specific tri-fold

Your corporate e-brochure will get you to the zenith of success with the help of the services you offer. Tell your target audience what you offer and tell them about the advantages of availing your services or buying your products. The ‘About Us’ section in the right panel can highlight the details about your company and give a full insight into what you provide.

Now, that you are aware of the various tri-fold brochures, you can easily market your business among your target audiences. With the help of companies offering efficient e-brochure design services, you can promote your products and services in an affordable and worry-free manner.

22th Aug, 2016

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