14 Smashing Tips to Create a Dashing Brochure for your Business.

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You are sponsoring an event and want to market your business in a cost-effective as well as a fast manner. How do you think you can go about in your endeavor? I have an idea for you. Distribute brochures among the visitors in the event and watch how your business your business transforms in a matter of days.

But, there is a problem. The super marketing tool you want to use needs to be attractive and also informative. To deliver you from this problem, a brochure design company is exactly  what you need. The professional in the company will create appealing and outstanding brochures for you.

As a business owner, I had opted for the services of a brochure design company to create an affordable marketing tool to promote my business. You too, can approach them and see how they make a difference to your business.

Here are some ways, in which a design expert can craft a mind blowing brochure to take your business among your target clients.

  1. Get the idea right

The first and foremost idea to keep in mind is the use to which you will put the brochure and also your target client. Do you want to attract people to your store to offer discounts, do you intend to promote the latest products or services or do you want to offer occasion-specific offerings? Convey what you have in mind and make sure that the professionals clearly understand that.

     2. Take a unique approach

Expert design professionals know how to hit the mark. They are aware of the fact that your audience wants something unique. Therefore, they look into what your competitors are doing and create lovely brochures.

     3. Utilize print bleed

An experienced brochure designer is going to use the concept of print bleed. No, no one is going to bleed to death! You can chill. Bleed refers to the empty space left on each side of the brochure. This assures that the paper can be printed maintaining the shape and the size.

     4. Use fonts correctly

Well, you need to make sure that your audiences know and understand what you mean to say. In that case, making use of the correct font is necessary. Now, the question is how do you understand, which font is perfect for you. A professional can help you to choose the right typeface by focussing on the target audience base. Using larger fonts for headings can make it easy for you to convey your message to the audience. But, make sure that you do not use more than 3 fonts or typefaces in the brochure. This will confuse the audience and they will not be able to differentiate, which text stands for which heading.

   5. Try several copies

It is important to go for trial and error method. If the designer at the brochure design company feels that one copy does not suit your purpose, they can change it and keep changing it unless you get the desired result.

   6. Use bullet points

If you want your audience to get the idea of your brochure in a jiffy, the best way is to use bullet points. Attract the attention of your audiences and convey your message in a quick and no-nonsense manner. Trust me! Bullet points can actually drive home your message.

   7. Go for high resolution

Wants your brochure to stand out? In that case, you should ensure high-resolution images for it. Low resolution can claim  the clarity of the image and it may appear pixilated. A minimum of 300dpi is essential to make the images clear and vivid so that people can see them from a difference and want to take a look at what the brochures have got to offer.

   8. Opt or captivating designs

Now, that you know how important high-resolution images are, you must see to it that the brochure designer makes use of high quality and attractive designs on the brochure.

   9. Choose an interesting cover page

The cover page must be interesting in order that more and more people are attracted by the very look of the brochure. It needs to be so good that your target audience is easily drawn towards it.

   10. Introduce the ideal color combination

The best way is not to use bright colors, but to use suitable colors. Now, you must be wondering what I mean by these words. In case, you are promoting a donation or a charitable event organized by your company, a bright colored brochure will deter audiences. Why? The answer is simple.  Bright colors can convey the idea that you have spent a lot of money in advertising the event while you are asking people to donate for the event.

   11. Select the right paper

With the help of an experienced professional, you can ensure the use of the right type of paper. Whether you want a glossy paper or a dull paper, depends on what you want to promote and market. If your business is all about reaching out to little children, you can get the glossy paper. But, if it targets the corporate audience, you have to make sure that the experts at the brochure design company use a less glossy paper. But, the paper should be thick to last for a considerable amount of time and create an appeal in the minds of the recipients.

    12. Make the call to action an important section of the tool

Like all marketing tools, the brochure too should compel your audience to visit your store or site.  With a proper call to action, you can make sure that your target audiences will be attracted. Invite people to your showroom, ask them to place an order or give you a call. You need to realize that your marketing tool is completely useless unless you make this simple effort to reach out to people.

   13. Make it appear interesting

Now, that you have already gained some insight into the importance of the call to action in a brochure, it’s time you learn about the significance of creating the brochure into a memory. In the event that you want to target children, you can invest some more than your competitors do and make it worth a memory.

    14. Invest a little more

A little bit of investment can give your brand visibility and promotion. Yes, we know that brochures are cheap, but that does not mean that you will reach the depths of the earth to make your marketing tool the cheapest in the world. Investing a little more than you had initially decided can make it more appealing and attractive. Don’t worry. It is not going to cost you a fortune. On the other hand, properly creating a brochure can actually fetch you a fortune.

Hire a company offering expert brochure design services to its clients. In this manner, you can not only reach out to your target clients but also market your business with clarity and efficiency. With the help of an efficient brochure designer, you can successfully get your target audience to respond to your call to action.

14th Sep, 2016

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