5 Ways Smart Businesses makes a Great Impression with Brochure Design

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Brochures are the calling cards of companies. Having an impressive brochure helps make the company or business carve a niche out for itself. It makes a good impression not only on the minds of the customers but also carries a unique identity that may be the cynosure of the competitors as well. To make this valuable communication tool effective there are some techniques that you can resort to and make your brochure design stand out from the rest and help attract customers.

 Determining the Target Market

This can be said to be one of the most important elements of brochure designing. Once you have identified the target market examine the mindset and customize the designing aspects of the brochure accordingly. Make sure that the layout, size and color attracts the crowds. If the target market is huge then you should try to generalize the design and make sure that the layout is excellent; it will solve the objective, grabbing the attention perfectly. But if your products and services are aimed to cater a niche audience then you need to get into their minds and know about their tastes and preferences before embarking on the designing and distributing of the brochure.

 Knowing the Purpose

For that you have to prepare answers to a set of questions. Ask the following questions:

  • What are the concepts or ideas needed for outlining the specific target audience or market?
  • What pictures would be best applicable for using in the brochure design?
  • What kind of design would appeal most to your audience?
  • What are the questions that the target audience have in their minds?
  • What elements in the brochure will appeal to the audience and help them understand the idea or concept clearly?

 Answering these questions would lead you to know what your target audience wants and design a brochure accordingly.

Elements used

Some elements act as base of a brochure and those elements are shape, line and color. Human beings are basically guided by their senses and we will always go to those which attract us. All the elements mentioned have their own sets of jobs. Through the line your eyes are guided to travel all around the brochure; they act like arrows and are extremely important from the perspective of a designer. Colors add a pleasing environment to the entire set-up. Using bright colors thus is a must but using shocking colors will not make your audience comfortable. So despite being expensive, color printing is no doubt very essential. The shape may be rectangular or anything according to your tastes. Fold them up and give them a specific look.


No doubt this is extremely important but attempts must be made to keep it simple. Unusual layouts may be attractive but they will harbor a lot of confusion.


The main attraction of the brochure is that it must be short but sweet. Do not bore the readers with too much details and make sure that the font is perfect, not too tiny nor too big.

Make your brochure design the tool that provides your audience with the required information in tiny capsule. This is your brand identity and treat it accordingly.

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8th Jan, 2014

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