Top 5 Practices in Pamphlet Design

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Pamphlets and brochures are the perfect promotional tools for events, products and services. They can be used for handout promotions, in store distribution or direct mail campaigns. The main aim of pamphlets is to provide particular information to customers. If the pamphlet design is good then effective and affordable communication can be maintained. So to ensure that this integral part of advertising campaigns get the best treatment, here are some of the best practices.

Using high quality interesting images

What sets you apart from the usual run-of-the-mill pamphlets and brochures are the images used there. Small and unimaginative firms opt to use boring and old stock images; so steer clear of being boring and repetitive at all times. Even if you do use stock images make sure to crop, take out the background layer or change the color so that the use looks fun, new and creative. You can also use images of everyday things and create interesting covers and themes.

Using subheads for breaking up text

Readability is a key aspect for any brochure or pamphlet. Large text chunks can be broken up by subheadings which make it user friendly and easily engaging. Since most important parts are reiterated by subheads it will also serve the purpose of getting the main chunk of information across to the audience with minimum hassle.

Including maps

When we get to the pamphlet’s last panel, we often do not know what to put in there. You can do away with this indecision by including a map there. If your business is centered around services, consulting or retail stores then including a map that shows the business’ location can be a great element. For customers reading it, a convenient location will prove to be a guide for them to visit. This will enhance your pamphlet design.

Colored paper

One of the key attractions of a pamphlet is its paper. Since it is small, all its aspects should be perfected for which the paper quality is very important. Even if paper is of not too high quality then at least get them printed in glossy format and in bright colors. Do not use neon colors as that will overshadow every other feature. The color should be bright yet soft so that a contrast can be created.

Simple bold fonts

This is one thing that is said a hundred times – use bold but simple fonts. Funky fonts no doubt look really nice and innovative on your monitor but on print it might not look so good. A pamphlet should be read easily. Using unusual fonts compromises on readability and looks bad from a distance. In fact while photocopying, the result might be a distorted one. So make your decision wisely and with some thought.

During the final steps, check whether the design is cluttered or not. Make sure that the headline of the pamphlet can be seen from a distance. Also start the distribution sometime in advance so that it reaches the mark. Follow these essential tips so that your pamphlet design stands out from the crowd and looks innovative and eye-catching.

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16th Jan, 2014

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