Opt for Effective Offline Marketing Tools – 7 Winning Printed Materials to Promote your Business

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You spend lots of money on marketing campaigns. Most of the times you prefer to promote your business through online marketing tools. It seems you have shown the side door to offline marketing tools or printed materials. In order to promote your business among a wide range of audience, especially to the local market you should also resort to offline marketing. Bring your business to the forefront with the help of printed materials. A brochure designing company with its efficient brochure designers can render your business an effective printed presence. This blog presents a list of essential printed materials to publicize your business offline.

Here goes a list of effective printed materials to promote your business. 

# Brochures

Brochures are one of the most effective ways to promote business in the printed mode. If you own a grocery store, you can get new offers printed on the brochures. With images, logo of the business, location of store, website, e-mail id, fax number and social media URL, it can offer optimum limelight to your business. Testimonials from satisfied customers can add the much needed attraction to your brochures. You can attach a brochure holder at the bill counter of your store or tradeshows.

# Stickers

Stickers are small and cute marketing tools. They are cost effective to the point that you can print a thousand stickers at a go. Many big brands have touched the peak of fame by attaching company stickers to their products. All that a designer does is use your logo and attach the name of your business below the sticker. Some business owners prefer to use glossy paper as stickers.

In the event that you own a toy company, you can distribute stickers among children. The stickers may have cartoon characters or wise sayings on them. The designers at the brochure designing company add the logo and name of your company below the stickers.

# Business cards

Business cards are a short and smart mode to tell people about your products or services. With your name, the name of the business, your contact details and social media URL printed on them, business cards are the right tools to promote your business.

Say, you have a painting business. When you hand a business card, you make a visual contact with the receiver. The latter may add your name to his or her contact list, but it gets lost in the crowd of names. In the event that the receiver wants to paint his or her home, he or she may miss your name on the contact list. The receiver remembers that you had handed over a card. He or she uses the card to communicate with you.

# Banners

They are big and expressive. Banners can herald prosperous days to business, if you approach efficient designers. By using large fonts, attractive colors and the right text, any business can attract target audience. They are best used on roads, in exhibitions, at expos and at meetings.

Imagine your cold drink company is sponsoring a beach volleyball event. You can mount banners at the beach promoting your business.

A very important point that most business owners forget is to add ‘call to action’ on the banner. The ‘call to action’ segment urges people to visit your physical store or website and buy your products or avail your services.

# Postcards

Postcards are not just a travel memoir; they can act as useful offline marketing tools. In the event that you have a huge store, want to cater to foreign travelers or want to gift your loyal clients on a festival, postcards can come to your assistance.  An expert at a brochure designing company can follow the required rules of making a postcard and deliver the perfect marketing tool to you.

# Calendars

Promote your business through promotional calendars. Every Christmas, you can gift New Year calendars to your clients. Does it not feel good to have your business name, logo, location, contact details, website URL hanging on the wall of your client’s office or home? It is a tactic to make sure that your client has you in mind all the time and yours is the first name that strikes his or her mind in time of need.

# Take-away menus

There you go! Take-away menus are effective offline marketing tools. Every time a client leaves your restaurant, he or she takes the menu with him or her. This makes sure that the client is going to call you for home delivery service at a later point of time. The client also shares the menu with his or her friend, who in turn buys food from your restaurant.

An experienced designer is aware of the factors that attract clients’ attention. They use glossy paper and colors on the menus to help you reach out to a wide client base. Adding colorful images of dishes adds to the demand of your restaurant’s food.

It’s time you attach importance to offline marketing tools. Hire a brochure designing company to build you effective printed marketing materials.

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10th Mar, 2016

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