Want to make it Big? 4 Winning Techniques to Create Awesome Brochures

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You have a great business and you want to market it among your target audience. Yes, you have a business card, but what do you think about brochures? A brochure accommodates more information than a business card. If you want to bring your business to the forefront, you should hire a brochure graphic design company. The designers make sure that whether you opt for a printed brochure or an e-brochure, the ultimate design is perfect. Brochures are generally of two types, paper brochure and e-brochure. In this blog, we are going to discuss how you can achieve the desired audience attention through brochures.

Paper Brochures

Do you want to opt for printed paper brochures? A printing company can create an effective and creative brochure with proper folds. Professional printing companies use machines that print on two sides automatically. These machines are called duplex machines. With the help of automatic duplex machines, printing companies can deliver your assignment quickly because they do not have to turn the page for the next round of printing. Now, don’t tell me that you can do without two-sided brochures. It won’t be a brochure then.


In the event that you want to send e-brochures to your audience, the brochure designers can develop appealing designs for your business. The designers use brochure making tools that offer several tailored brochure designs. Designers use the specimens in the booklets of the tool.

Now, that you know about the different types of brochures, it is time you delve into making an attractive brochure.

Check out the following to create a brochure that stands out in the crowd.

# Choose the right color

Want to render a stylish and trendy look to your brochure? Make the right use of color. A brochure graphic design expert can use the right colors on your marketing tool. Each color comes with a significance of its own. A designer knows where to use a flashy color and where to avoid it. One of the wisest measures to avoid inappropriate look is to utilize colors from the images used on the brochure. This prevents the instance of color clashing on your marketing tool.

# Use the right images

Take a look at your brochure. Do your images suit the topic of the brochure? Are they attractive enough to appeal to target audience? An engaging image has every capability to attract potential audience base.

Remember, your brand’s logo is important to increase the traffic on your site. It is the face of your business and your audience should be able to recognize you through it.

# Make it easy to read and understand

Now now; your brochure has the right colors and the perfect images. But, what about the content?  A brochure graphic design expert can lend you the idea to create a readable text. Remember, you intend to create a strong audience base. With illegible text in unreadable font and font size, you can go nowhere with your brochure. A designer is aware of the right use of fonts. He or she can suggest you to use maximum 3 types of fonts. The heading and the subheading can be in one font, the rest of the text in another font.

In case you want to offer information at the footer; you can use the third font. But make sure that the size of this text is very small. No matter whether it is a paper brochure or an e-brochure, unintelligible text is a strict no for this type of marketing tool.

Position the texts in proper alignment to ensure that there are enough gaps between each line. For instance, the brochure introduces new products. Logic says that the description of each brochure should be present beside its image. Only proper alignment of the texts with the images can impress your audience. Otherwise, forget about making it big.

# Arrange information wisely

A brochure graphic design professionalcan tell youthat offering the right information at the right time is the essence of a successful marketing tool. Make sure that the logo and the name of your business is on the cover page. The following pages should contain detailed information about the mission, vision and objectives of the business. It can also display some information about the products or services it offers. The last page should have contact information and the map of the physical store or the directions to reach the store.


You should keep in mind that your audience has many options to choose from. Therefore, you have to bring your audience towards you. Mentioning the email id, phone number, address and URL takes a step ahead to your competitors.

There you go. You have the techniques to present an appealing brochure to your audience. With the help of a brochure graphic design expert you can reach the zenith of marketing success. So, grab the bowlines and make your way to the hearts of a large base of audience.

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4th Mar, 2016

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