7 Impressive Ways an Online Catalogue can Drive Traffic to your Business

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These days most people prefer to get things done the easy way. If you want to get maximum traffic, you should make a switch to what your audience wants. Gone are the days when a paper catalogue could impress potential customers to make a purchase. Switching to a digital version of product marketing can improve your chances of getting more traffic and conversion. You can hire a brochure designing company to create online or e-catalogues for your business. Today, we are going to discuss the benefits of opting for online catalogues.

We all know that online presence is very important for reaching out to a wide base of audience. Let us check out some of the ways, in which e-catalogues can contribute to the reputation of your business.

# Does the job of a shopping cart

An online catalogue can act as a shopping cart system, if it is linked to your database. Your database consists of orders you receive. Your audience can go through the catalogue and place orders whenever they want. The catalogue displays information about the products, like prices and descriptions. Thanks to advanced technology, your audience can now go through your products at any place and via any mobile device.

# Offers strong support

An e-catalogue is used to strengthen marketing policies. But, it also offers customized service to you and your audience. Online catalogues encourage positive behavior of your audience by offering them smooth navigability through the document.

# Affordable to create

The best thing about online catalogues is that a brochure designing company can develop them and you do not have to invest on printing and distributing them. You have to make a one-time payment for the design and then you can send copies to your audience. A paper catalogue needs to be redesigned and reprinted in case you want to make any changes in your offer. But, you only have to inform the designer about your intention to make changes in the e-catalogue and he or she can change the design. You can remove pictures, add products or update features. There is no extra cost of reprinting the catalogues.

In the initial stage, ordering an e-catalogue may seem a little costly. But, have you given a thought to the expenses you incur for hiring the resources that create the paper catalogue. You have to hire a designer, buy a printer and approach a distributor for marketing through a paper catalogue. But, as far as e-catalogue is concerned, you only have to pay the designer.

Reaching out to audience is also easy. As long as you have Internet access, you can send them the e-catalogue through e-mail. Your audience can also access it, if you attach the catalogue to your website.

# Supports multiple languages

These catalogues come with a special benefit, they can be customized. A designer can incorporate language support software in the catalogue. This enables audiences in different parts of the world to access the catalogue and the products they showcase.

# Optimized for search engines

E-catalogues designed by an expert at a brochure designing companycan increase the visibility of your products when optimized wisely. Like all other online modes, e-catalogues also drive traffic to your business. Search engines like, Google look for useful and helpful content. If the catalogue has informative content, it can offer best solutions to the needs of your audience. Google rewards useful content with high ranks on search engine result pages. SEO experts optimize online catalogues by using proper tagging, robust link architecture, etc.

Imagine that you sell gym equipments. The SEO experts make proper use of white-hat techniques to rank your catalogue on Google and other search engines. They optimize each and every component on the catalogue to fetch you the desired result.

# Designed to offer reports through analysis

SEO experts can track the behavior of traffic to the catalogue. If they notice, that a certain percentage of traffic has abandoned the catalogue without shopping, they inform that to you. The designer can accordingly update the features on the catalogue to enhance conversion. On the other hand, if the experts realize that certain products have more demand than the rest, they promote those products.

# Link to online PR modes

By linking product pages to articles, blogs and press releases, you can make sure that the catalogue has a wide audience base. When these audiences read the press release, they visit the catalogue and the website. If the information satisfies them and convinces of their usefulness, the audience can buy your products.

Have you given a thought to e-catalogues? If not, hire a brochure designing company to pamper your audience into buying your products.

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26th Feb, 2016

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