How can a Brochure Effectively Market your Business in 2016?

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Do you want your brand to have a vast-spread presence? Do you want it to have a wide client base in 2016? In that case, you can reach out to them with the help of brochures. Brochure designing is effective and less costly way to market your business. You can approach a professional brochure design company to realize your marketing dreams. In this blog, we are going to discuss how a brochure can increase your brand’s reach.

Check out the following to understand how brochure designing can offer you great business results.

# Offers responsive design

Now, what is a responsive design? A design which is compatible on both desktop and on mobile devices is called a responsive design. However, the term has taken up a modified meaning in 2016. These days, a brochure is called responsive, if it can modify its size as per devices. An efficient designer does not adhere to a fixed size. He or she makes sure that the brochure is compatible on a wide range of mobile devices.

# Gives smooth user experience

Users accessing a brochure through a mobile device should have a good user experience. Mobile device users should have an unparalleled experience. Accessing a brochure while travelling in a train or bus should not be difficult for a commuter.

Your brochure cannot fetch you the desired traffic, if your client base cannot use it effectively. The brochure should be easy to load and should be accessible via all types of mobile devices. A professional brochure design expert makes sure that the brochure is easily used by the user.

# Uses modular scrolling

Have you heard about a brochure where each and every module scrolls independently? It might sound complicated at the initial stage. But, designing a brochure with modular scrolling is not that difficult for an experienced brochure designer. You must have seen websites with a sidebar. This sidebar often does not have the same scrolling speed as that of the rest of the website content. It is the same thing.

If Twitter and Pinterest can apply it, why can’t you? Are you worried that it might not be as effective with brochures as it was with websites? No worries. Scrolling offers a better user experience than clicking does. Years of experience must have already made you aware that clicking hinders smooth user experience because it often involves the loading of another page.

# Implements modular text

Imagine how boring it was to read college texts. Then, you did not have an option. But, now, your clients have an option. They can refuse to read your brochure, if they think that it consists of lots of context. A professional brochure design expert can inform you that a brochure with a modular design is effective to attract readers.

If you are thinking what a modular brochure design is, here is an explanation for you. Block grid patterns make up a modular design. These blocks make for an interesting design in the brochure and do not always adhere to a fixed box-patterned design. As your view hops from one module to another, your interest in the brochure’s content is enhanced.

# Tells a story

Storytelling is a unique technique of reaching out to your client base. A designer can add a video to the brochure and make it more appealing for users. For instance, you own a college and the brochure designer has added a video to your brochure. The video comprises of a student from each department narrating his or her experience. The video is not very long, but highlights the salient features of the college. The students can speak about the library, the faculty members, the college campus, etc. By adding background music, the designer can ensure enhanced reach of the brochure.

Did you know these facts?  They can enlighten you about the effectiveness of videos to market your brand.

Those who watch video on mobile devices are almost 100% likely to share it with their contacts.

The human brain can process videos faster than words.

# Wins with a flat design

A brochure with flat design is likely to be more appealing in 2016 than one with material design. Flat design files are easy to load because they are image files. The modern day designer is aware of the fact that simplicity is the ‘in thing’ in today’s design style. What matters is the core content.

A company employing professional brochure design expertscan assist you market your brand like never before. Have you approached an efficient brochure designing company yet? If not, hurry and tell us how they helped you market your business.

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16th Feb, 2016

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