7 Important Tips for Effective Brochure Design

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Brochures act as a very effective promotional material for any company and are used extensively for widening its reach. It is informative and gives a clear idea about the product or service offered by the company to its target audience. However, you can expect to leverage its benefits only if you design it properly. Brochure design is an art in itself and you have to learn the intricacies of it in order to give shape to an eye-catching and interesting pamphlet.

Here are 7 relevant tips to help you create the perfect leaflet:

1)      Know Your Target Audience: Who are you aiming your brochure at? What age group do they belong to? These are some questions you have to ask yourself before initiating the actual process of designing. This is because it will decide the nature of graphic elements you would use in it. The design should always be kept simple and clear and it is not very advisable to use too many font types. A maximum of three varieties of fonts is enough.

2)      Keep It Short: A brochure is not meant to contain each and every detail about your company or the service you are particularly talking about. Keep only those elements that are absolutely necessary and weed out the redundant ones. One good idea is to make a comprehensive list of the information that needs to be put in the leaflet and positioning them in order of importance. This theory is applicable for tri fold brochure design as well .

3)      Simplicity Is Key: Your audience should not get distracted by creative graphics and other such trappings. The message is the most important thing about the pamphlet. So give it maximum importance. Make sure the first thing that catches the viewer’s eye is the message you are trying to convey through this promotional material.

4)      Make Proper Use of Colors: Special attention has to be given to the color scheme. It is very easy to get swayed on this one and opt for bright and exciting colors in a bid to make your pamphlet highly eye-catching and attractive. Do not fall for such temptations and choose the most appropriate colors that do justice to the theme of the leaflet.

5)      Use Borders, Boxes and Bars with Discretion: Do not clutter your brochure design with boxes, bars and borders unnecessarily. They do help in drawing the attention of the readers but only when they are used sparingly. Show restraint in their use.

6)      Make Wise Use of Space: There is nothing creative about using empty space in tri fold brochure design. You are actually wasting selling space which comes at a dear price. However, that does not imply you should squeeze as much information as you can in the pamphlet. Strike a balance between the two.

7)      Highlight The Key Message: The most important message should be visible prominently in the leaflet. Give it more space and significance.


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22th Jun, 2012

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