Brochure Design Tips to Influence Buyers

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In a market economy publicity materials are significant in conveying thoughts, messages, and information. These publicity materials or brochures are not only used to attract buyers but are also textual representations of an organization. Brochure design is a dedicated task that needs years of experience and ingenuity. This is a dynamic area of specialization that needs to be modified regularly.

As the main objective of a publicity material is to generate business, it is imperative that designers create point of sales (POS) materials that motivate potential buyers to actually buy a particular commodity or service. These publicity materials could be in the form of flyers, pamphlets, leaflets, and catalogues. Of these flyers, leaflets, and pamphlets are more common as they are easy to read and distribute. These also are an inexpensive way of advertising targeted at a particular segment.

An ideal leaflet design is a combination of visual delight and textual brilliance. Immense effort goes into creating a leaflet or pamphlet. Designing, coloring, texting, and printing are individual areas of specialization that are to be synchronized. Some features for making an attractive brochure.

Always be discrete :

A point of sales material being a combination of images, contents, and designs needs proper discretion. Too much of any of these, spoils the look of a pamphlet or flyer. There needs to be a proper harmonization of each of these for making a publicity material attractive to customers. Discretion is also necessary when deciding on the purpose of publicity material being printed.

Use of colour :

Use of colour is crucial in brochure design and other publicity materials. Bright colours are preferred in brochures targeted at ladies or children. Printed advertising materials targeted at corporate users tend to use sober or white colours. In fact a bright colour flyer would help you attract instant attention.

Use of white or blank space :

This factor must never be neglected while designing brochures. If content is important, which is mostly in cases of corporate point of sales items, white background is supposedly the most apt. It makes your text stand out. A white space left along the edges also imparts a sharper look to your catalogues.

Choice of typefaces :

Choosing the correct type face is vital in the looks of a catalogue. Crisp fonts always have an edge over designer ones as the former are easier to read. Even children find neater type faces easier to read. A leaflet if it is unread does not serve the purpose of influencing buyers.

Allow a space for mailing details :

As the main objective of a printed advertising material is to get more business, it is imperative that you allow some place for furnishing your contact details. This would enable a reader to get in touch with you in case he is sincerely interested in your product or service. Any POS material printed without contact details becomes useless both for seller and buyers.

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13th Jun, 2012

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