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Brochures are marketing materials that are use by manufacturing houses, trading units, business undertakings and public utility services for conveying particular information, events, and messages. An eye catching brochure design is thus a specialized art which requires skills, creativity and aesthetics. These POP (point of publicity) materials are highly effective in putting your ideas across to potential buyers and existing customers.

A brochure is not only a publicity material but also meant to educate readers and customers. A pamphlet or catalog needs to be well designed as it is the identity of your company. Immense effort, time and money are spent on creating a company catalog as it is a representation. Designing of brochures is a collective effort which involves artists, graphic designers, and printers.

Some tips for designing a great brochure

Decide on theme and concept – Before deciding on a publicity material it is important to select its theme and concept. The purpose would help you in making this decision. The purpose of POP material could either be launching of a product, opening of an outlet, or organizing an exhibition. The purpose of this POP material must be specific and well thought of. Once this purpose is identified the concept and theme become clear.

A publicity material does not have much space, so its messages are to be direct and precise.

Be ingenious and unique – Here you need to be as original as possible. Before setting out a design it is crucial that you study competitors’ brochures extensively. Your product must stand out through its appearance. It must be understood that a person or customer is initially attracted by sight. Hence visual impact needs to be great.

Font Size – Font or printing size is of considerable significance in a publicity material. These materials not only should be handy but legible and neat. Any extra effort needed to read contents is a waste of resources. Fine prints are never advisable in publicity materials.

Print bleeds – This feature is mostly overlooked but could create a significant difference. Print bleed refers to the area that lies beyond the printed part of a pamphlet. In many cases they are left white while in certain cases they are colored. This choice is very critical and could change the outlook of your publicity material.

High resolution pictures – Pictures in high resolution are always recommended for POP materials. These are sharper, clearer and carry more depth. Low resolution images tend to become fuzzy or blurry and spoil the entire appearance of the pamphlet.

Usage of bullet points and headlines – Bullet points and headlines are easily identifiable and must always be included in your publicity material. It helps the reader to focus his attention on relevant points.

Make your catalog colorful – Colors are known to attract attention easily and should be used carefully. You must be very careful in using colors as too much of its use could make your brochure look gaudy and unattractive.

Cover it interestingly – A good brochure design would need an interesting cover more so if it is of catalog type. In case there are several pamphlets, a cover for them is a fine option.


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2th Jun, 2012

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