Get to Know Vital Tips for Designing Tri Fold Brochures

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In today’s world, small businesses are constantly trying hard to accelerate the pace of growth and tri fold brochure design particularly plays an important role for businesses with low financial assistance.

What is a tri fold brochure design?

It is basically a small pamphlet having three folds, which serves a very effective purpose in business promotion, particularly for people with low budget. It is easy to prepare if certain rules are followed and certain guidelines are maintained.

Here are a few tips which will help you to make your tri fold brochures.

  • You can always download templates for your brochures from the Microsoft website. Their templates are nice and serve the purpose for your company.
  • You can also create your own template by using the Microsoft Word Document. All you need to do is to open a Microsoft Word Document and go to the File menu. Then go to the Page Setup and click on the Landscape icon which is there within the Orientation section. Click OK after that.
  • As you are making a tri fold brochure design, you need to draw three different columns on the MS Word Document, to provide loads of information within the separate columns. In order to do this you need to go to the Format menu and click Columns. There it will show various types of column options and you have to choose Three from there. Then click OK and your Word Page shows the separated columns on the document.
  • Once you are done with this you can start creating your own brochure. But remember and be aware of two things. First is that you should take the right hand column on the MS Word page as the front page of your brochure. That way your left hand side column will be the page which people can see as the first when they are opening the whole thing and the middle column is the back page of the material. Secondly, you need to have two pages in order to create the inside and outside of the material.
  • Pictures are highly recommended for brochure design. Picture and text boxes can be inserted with the help of the Insert menu.
  • When you have created the first page of the material, you need to do page break ups. Go to Insert menu, select Break and then select Page Break and you have a new page for designing the other folds of the material. You should keep in mind that you are supposed to do the whole thing in such a way that the readers can read them from the left side to the right.
  • After everything is ready for printing, you need to print the material and test multiple times before getting the exact format. You should start with printing the first page and then see how it comes. You can use the other side of the page to print other pages of the material. It is highly recommended to take separate print outs of all the three folds in order to refrain from any problems, associated with printing in the future.

It is never a heavy task to do a brochure design if you have a bit of hold of the Microsoft Word Document settings and you have a good knowledge of designing and printing. Therefore, create your own advertising mediums and ensure a steady growth for your company, even if you are in a low budget state.

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11th May, 2012

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