Useful Tips for Improving Brochure Design

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Brochures are indispensable marketing tools used universally by manufacturing and marketing concerns in all marketing setups. Commercial organizations make use of it as a medium for promoting their goods or services. As leaflets are meant for creating market awareness, an efficient brochure design helps in achieving this purpose. Use of leaflets is restrictive and targeted at a fixed audience. To facilitate distribution of brochures a pamphlet design is very effective.

Brochure designing is a specialized art and requires categorical training and expertise. Designing a booklet is a carefully thought out process and requires sufficient planning. Certain tips that might help you in designing a proper pamphlet for your company are as hereunder.

1. Explore – Before setting out to design or print it is necessary to collect several samples and study them thoroughly. These should pertain to same product or service. In case you are a catering company, collect catalogs from concerns engaged in the same trade. Comparing between different types would help you in not only planning your layout, content and brochure design but also identifying your highlighting points.

2. Put yourself in your clients’ shoes – While planning, think in terms of your customers. Imagine yourself to be a customer and identify areas which need to be addressed. These identified areas should find a place of mention in your catalog. leaflet content, design, layout, and color are areas of consideration while looking at a brochure from the point of view of a prospective customer. This is an effective exercise.

3. Use simple language – A brochure is meant for general distribution and is to be created in simple language. The primary objective is to reach out to as many prospective customers as possible. High flown language or use of figurative make it complicated and often misunderstood.

4. Type font and layout – In a catalog, both type font and layout account for it is clarity. A catalog must be legible and typed in crisp type face. Line spacing should allow uninterrupted reading of your booklet contents.

5. Color selection – This is an important aspect while designing. Bright and light backgrounds are preferred as they make content stand out. Darker prints against a lighter background are always preferred in brochures. Bright color makes everything distinguishable from a distance while a dark type font makes script discernible.

6. Highlighting – A catalog should only contain highlighting features and not each and every detail. The purpose gets defeated if it contains too many details. For details a product literature is to be referred and not a brochure. Flyers are normally printed during a product launch, an exhibition, or for conveying specific information.

7. Designing – Brochure designing could be in the form of pamphlets, tri-fold, bi-fold, or quad-fold. A pamphlet design is one of the most popular forms that are used by marketers.

8. Paper quality – As booklets changes many hands, durable paper should ideally be used in making them. Quality of paper also determines the overall appearance of leaflets and also their clarity.

4th May, 2012

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  1. Right,Good to see these useful information here in your post..Thanks a lot for sharing them with us. I really find it very informative.

  2. You have given very nice nice tips to design any brochure. These tips also can be used in designing any custom logo. Thanks for sharing this nice information.

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