Some Effective Money Saving Tips for Custom Brochure Design

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Did you have to come out with a second brochure last time because you did not like the first custom brochure design? Such things happen frequently in most companies. However, the sad part is that a lot of money is wasted in the process. Why should you suffer those additional expenses when you can easily avoid them? Are you wondering how? Well, a little planning can go a long way in saving your precious money and yet ensuring impeccable brochure designing for your company. Here are some smart tips that can help you avoid unnecessary expenses with respect to custom brochure design.

  • The size of the brochure should be discussed with the printers or distributors before paste-up or layout is done. It is essential to opt for vertical layout for increased visibility. A brochure ought to be folded in 4”x9” format for appropriate rack display.
  • There are different varieties of paper available in the market. It makes sense to make a comparison of the cost of paper currently used by you with that of other types. If you find the same quality of paper at an affordable price, why should you pay more? However, one thing to remember in brochure designing is that the paper should be vertical grain.
  • The color transparencies or slides should be kept at one standard size instead of a diversity of sizes. Color separation can cost you dearly and therefore, it is advisable to go for a uniform size for all.
  • Dating your materials is a wise decision and you should do it on the rear. Most companies offering services are aware of this fact. If the materials are going to be used internationally, it should bear the stamp: “Printed in USA.” The cover should include some changes in case there are any yearly changes. This is important for helping identify outdated information. Always make use of old materials before you proceed to the new ones.
  • When you produce your brochures, maintain a simple fold. This should be kept in mind too when you submit it for custom brochure design. A simple fold does not cost too much and also ensures a strong brochure. Elaborate folds do nothing but increase expenses and give shape to a brochure that keeps kneeling over in the rack. The same rule applies to pamphlet design as well.
  • Each bundle should contain as many as 500 brochures. This is the standard followed by any services providing company. Use paper bands for the purpose. They are perfect for the occasion.
  • Your printing contract should specify clearly that all color separations, film and other objects will become yours once the final payment is done. Since you are paying for it, you should make sure nothing goes to waste. You can easily use them later for brochure designing. This is one sure-shot way of saving costs.
  • If you are hard pressed for time, you would have to shell out more money for pamphlet design. For this reason, it is advisable to give your orders a few months before you need it so that the printer can get enough time for completing his work. When everyone is placing orders and the printer is in a rush, he might charge more from you because of over-time rates. Be smart and you would be at an advantage!
25th Apr, 2012

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  1. Thank you for the excellent tips for effective brochure designing.
    The brochure should not be unnecessarily large.It should be attractive with necessary information only. This will save the cost of paper used in it.

    Thanks again

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