Brochure Design and its Diverse Aspects

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A brochure is a marketing material created for the purpose of generating awareness about a company or organization among its target audience or customers. Brochure design can be of two types. One is meant for customers who do not have any idea about the product or service offered by your company while the other is designed for those who are well aware of your company’s services and want to know more about it. The approach is definitely different in both the cases.

 In the former case, brochure designing involves creating captivating titles and a bright layout in order to attract the attention of customers instantly. Companies offering brochure design services make it a point not to make these brochures heavy with content so as to retain the interest of audiences. The company and its product or services are described briefly to give people a fair idea about what you have to offer. The second type of brochure design incorporates a significant amount of content containing more detailed information about the company.

Difference with Leaflet Design

The terms, brochure and leaflet, are often used interchangeably. This is because both are similar in design and serve the same purpose. However, there is a subtle difference between the two. A leaflet is always of one page while a brochure has many. In fact, in most cases, it consists of a couple of pages. For this reason, its layout is also different from leaflet design. You get more space to express what you are trying to convey to the target audience. However, that does not make the job of brochure designing easy. Rather, it becomes a challenge to retain the interest of customers till the very end.

Certain Things to Remember About Brochure Design

There can be different ways of saying or conveying a thing. The tone you apply in your brochure design to convey your message makes all the difference in its success or failure. Always remember the tone you adopt should be in sync with your company’s approach. It does not matter if your tone is irreverent or too in-your-face. If it is relevant to your product or service and appeals to customers, it is perfect for your company.

The front or first page of your brochure or leaflet design is of paramount importance. This is because that is the first thing your customers will notice and therefore it will play a crucial role in influencing their decisions. If they feel it is not worth it, your whole effort can go to waste. For this reason, you have to make sure everything is in place in the first page of the brochure. Along with good graphics and colors, it has to contain an engaging and compelling tagline that highlights the primary feature of the product or service offered by your company.

There are umpteen rules regarding designing your brochure impeccably. A company offering brochure design services needs to be aware of them in order to create a brochure that is visually appealing on one hand and highly interesting on the other.

12th Apr, 2012

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  1. Thanks for sharing the diverse aspects of brochure designing.

    The brochure should provide relevant information for both amateur customers and customers who are well aware of the company.So care should be taken so that there is no error in the information provided.

    Thanks again

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