A Pamphlet Design to Woo Your Targeted Audience

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Brochures are among the most widely used printed publicity materials for reaching out to your target audience. A well made pamphlet design should always be focussed, attractive and purposeful. The advantage of using pamphlets as advertising materials is their convenient distribution be it in form of mailers or showroom flyers. Distinctive feature of pamphlets is their one page format printed on both sides.

Eye catchers – These brochures must essentially be designed in eye-catching manners. Unlike catalogues, these one page flyers focus on any particular event or feature. Contents and images are thus created appropriately. Events such as show room inaugurations, product launch, or exhibitions are highlighted through these single page flyers. For making it distinctive these publicity materials need to visually attractive. Use of bold colours, unusual images, and convincing content are keys to make pamphlets stand out.

Easy readability – An essential aspect of a brochure is its easy readability. It needs to be understood that these printed publicity materials must be comprehensible and convincing to buyers. It is useless creating flyers that are perplexing and directionless. Easy flowing language without the use jargons is preferred as these are understood by majority of your target audience. For a neater pamphlet design use of highlighted points and crisper type face is preferred. For innovative appearance animal silhouettes or coloured balls might be used. Graphic designs that add to your distinctive design should be insisted upon.

Identifying audience – This is another vital aspect of single page flyers, particularly if they are mailers. This is statistically termed purposive sampling. This form of sampling is well-directed and ensures a fairly high conversion ratio. Before sending out these mailers a group is identified such as doctors, car owners, club members, etc. and targeted for prospective business. In marketing parlance this is termed funnelling which essentially is a process of narrowing down your client base. After narrowing down of your prospects it becomes easier to convince them for business.

Using catchy words – As a pamphlet has limited space, a designer should make use of catchy words as much as possible. Words such as ‘free’, ‘new’, ‘easy’, ‘now’, ‘discover’, ‘love’, ‘amazing’, ‘guarantee’, ‘health’, etc. are extremely apt to be used in brochures. These words should ideally appear as a single word as a word in the title.

Using incentives – One way of converting undecided customers to genuine buyers is by adding value to your mailers in form of discount coupons, free gift vouchers, or giveaways on every purchase. This way, a recipient might be tempted to go for a purchase thereby adding to your revenue. It should be remembered that the ultimate objective of advertising is increasing revenues, and an effective brochure design is one way of ensuring this.

Designing publicity materials is a specialized job and must be entrusted to tested professionals. These professionals being aware of existing marketing conditions and consumer behaviour are qualified to create flyers that are targeted. These ideas are given a definitive shape is form of a pamphlet design.

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19th Mar, 2013

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