Brochure Design Services is an Innovative Process

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 Brochures are used extensively for advertising products or services, providing travel information to tourists, and offering health advice to patients. Brochure design services are thus not mundane and involve substantial creativity and focus. In many cases these printed materials are given out as handouts to guests and dignitaries in a convention or attendees in a seminar. These printed materials could be single sheet in form of pamphlets, bi-fold, tri-fold, fanfold, or z-fold. Designers not only help you in deciding on the contents of these brochures but also on their format as well.

A brochure should always be attractive, informative, and encouraging to readers. If meant for publicity purpose they should also be elegantly designed in keeping with the image of a company. Designing this publicity material is thus a well planned process and requires sufficient expertise and experience. Though there are professionals specialising in designing and developing these printed publicity materials, certain elementary concepts could prove beneficial to beginners.

Concept, structure and theme – The initial step in designing a pamphlet is to understand its purpose. As already stated it could be for purposes of marketing, providing information, or offering tips. After identification of this need it becomes easier to conceptualise or pamphlet content and format. Format or structure is dependent on the exact usability of this printed material. This format could be for mailers, flyers, showroom handouts, or even catalogues. This need based structure forms the basis of pamphlet or catalogue designing.

To be Creative – The primary purpose of a publicity material is to attract, be they prospective buyers or enthusiastic tourists. For a distinctive look it is essential that a brochure has striking images and informative context. Innovation with usage of images, background colour, and typestyles is always inspirational. Even you could be innovative about its shape and format. Your ultimate output should appear exceptional and appealing.

Use of Print Bleeds – This is a technical aspect of brochure design services. Print bleed refers to the margin allowed in a printed format so that contents and images appear harmonious. These materials are printed in multiple copies and then cut to size. Print bleeds should be carefully allowed such that the margins in adjoining panels appear uniform. For this reason the interim space between two panels should have a wider bleeding space than those at the extreme borders.

Shade used for this bleeding space should be such that your contents and images standout. Use of white in this bleeding space is a good shade as it is an universal shade.

Use correct type font and size – These are vital aspects of a pamphlet or mailer. Choosing an appropriate type style and its size are important in designing a publicity material. Font and its size should be such that they are legible and crisp. Use of ornamental typefaces is not recommended as they make a pamphlet look clumsy and untidy.

 Professional brochure design services providers take care of all these aspects before making a final output. It is to be remembered that these printed publicity materials carry the image of its advertisers.

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21th Mar, 2013

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