Overview of Roll Fold Brochure Design

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The principal idea behind a roll fold brochure design is having a comprehensive printed marketing material that opens up gradually to give an organized layout. A comparison with a tri-fold type comes in automatically which has six panels. As against six panels in a tri-fold leaflet, a roll fold might have more panels with successive ones rolling or folding into the previous one. When rolled out, the panels relate a series of events or information in orderly manner.

Generally, a roll fold leaflet when spread out fully is of legal format with each fold smaller than the previous one making rolling in convenient. For practical purposes, this form of publicity material could be designed in three variations: in sections, according to images, and according to texts.

In sections – In this pattern each panel features a particular text type with corresponding image or illustration. This sectional display is convenient for readers as images are in perfect correlation to their contents. Viewers move over to the next panel after finishing with one panel. In all practicalities the next panel is closely related so as to retain continuity and ease of understanding. This one-to-one correspondence makes better understanding of your product or services.

According to images – A roll when opened up in entirety could display images in one side maintaining continuity between one product and service to the next one. At a single glance this continuity is remarkable. When opened out completely, the display of all images together relays a definite continuity.

According to texts – As with images, texts are also arranged sequentially in a rolling fold pamphlet. It is important maintain stability of texts keeping in harmony with image continuity. When opened up, these texts are in perfect synchronization and relate a course of events or services.

Purpose of Roll Fold Brochure Design

As with other printed marketing materials, this format is also used as a marketing tool. Alike other publicity avenues, the dual purpose of this are to create brand awareness and form a sustained clientele base for generating revenues. However, unlike other publicity materials, this type is often attached with a response coupon or detachable card. This detachable portion is distinctive from the rest of the pamphlet and forms a part of customers’ response system.

This detachable portion could also be in ways of bookmarks or a savings coupon. In any form it is always associated with publicity of your marketable product or service. This added portion is handy and could be put to a variety of uses. An advertiser has the liberty to play with this detachable panel for productive purposes.

Significance of a Roll Fold Leaflet

As distinctive from other forms of publicity material, a roll fold brochure design has an element of surprise. Keeping a viewer guessing is a marketing trick used by many advertisers. This is either achieved through a series of advertisements or through a rolling fold leaflet. As these are easily noticeable they should be printed in bright colours and laid out in a professional manner. Images used should be alluring and definitive while contents need to be specific. In totality your pamphlet should have a smart look.

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