An Attractive Pamphlet Design is Based on Few Basic Traits

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A pamphlet is usually designed for mass distribution as in a fair or exhibition. This essentially is made of one sheet with prints on both sides. These handouts are issued just before inauguration of a car-show room or opening of a garments exhibition. Unlike brochures a pamphlet design is meant to attract the immediate attention of consumers. These are always printed and circulated for one particular event or occasion.

Distribution of pamphlet is always done on a wide scale to cover greater segment of a populace. Newspaper vendors are often seen distributing these POS (point of sales) materials along with newspapers and other periodicals. As mass appeal is the main objective of distributing pamphlets, these should ideally be short in content and attractive to look at. Appearance, content, paper quality, and format are the primary determinants of a pamphlet.

Appearance – Unlike a brochure, a pamphlet relates only one point or issue, such as ‘discount sale’, ‘inaugural offer’, or ‘festival bonanza’. Each of these is temporary in nature and need widespread publicity. Marketing organizations rely on mass publicity techniques to reach out to as many prospective customers as possible. As pamphlets are meant for particular events, they must always be attractive looking. Choice of background colour is crucial in determining the appearance of a printed publicity material. It is to be kept in mind that a white background is always an attractive option as it makes your letters stand out. Bright backgrounds also have a tempting effect on people’s vision and are advisable for POS materials.

Content – In contrast to brochures, a professional pamphlet design has limited content and focuses only on one or at the most two aspects of a product or occasion. Keeping this is mind, scripting of a handout needs to be done carefully. In a single page POS material as there is no scope of elaborating or even stating in brief all qualities of a commodity or service, only the most striking aspect needs to be mentioned. If making city population aware of a exhibition is the primary contention, then a pamphlet must always focus on this exhibition. Other details would only drive away the attention from this area of focus.

Contents for a single page printed publicity material should ideally be precise and specific without leaving any scope for hesitation. A reader or prospective customer must always get the right message from a printed handout.

Format – For a one page POS material its format is crucial. These should be handy and easy to read. Readability is always a major concern of handouts with limited life. A customer must be able to make out the contents of a publicity material at its first glance. The entire layout and content distribution need to be eye-catching and conducive to reading. Use of crisp and bold print fonts, would help in reading of content.

Paper quality – As pamphlets are meant to last for a few hours or a couple of days, paper quality used is not of a very high standard. However if images are used then material is of comparatively better quality.

31th Aug, 2012

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