Helpful Guidelines for Enhancing Brochure Design

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The significance of a good brochure design lies in the fact that it is more effective than a thousand words for convincing a customer. In this age of global marketing it is important to note that every publicity activity is aimed at getting more revenues. Of all forms of marketing activity brochure distribution is among the most effective methods. It is targeted and inexpensive. With online marketing being a worldwide practice, a thoughtfully designed POS (point of sales) material could achieve an unparalleled market penetration.

Of different types of brochures, pamphlet designing is most widespread because of its ease of distribution and low printing cost. While designing a pamphlet its purpose and audience to be addressed must be identified. This is the initial step of a good pamphlet design. Thereafter come the aspects of content, images, designing, layout and colour usage. An aesthetically created brochure is a combination of all these aspects mixed in synchronized manner.

Content – Though visual appearance in the underlining factor of any printed publicity material, its textual matter could never be ignored. Contents in a flyer must be specific and to the point. It should be remembered that a publicity material is not an information booklet and is not aimed to educate customers. Its main purpose is to attract the attention of potential buyers to certain highlighting features.

These highlighting features are easily identifiable when written in bullet point form. Another essential feature of pamphlet contents is that it should be written in simple language without usage of jargons and figurative.

Type Face – POS materials are supposed to be read without any additional effort. Hence, the type face that is used need to be clean and crisp. Selection of type fonts is a vital aspect in leaflet layout and appearance. As space is a constraint in a printed publicity material, use of appropriate typestyle is important.

Images and Pictures – A striking picture or image is the centre of attraction of brochures. An alluring image can have a stronger impact on a customer’s mind than several words. Choosing a proper image is a critical task for any catalogue designer. Whiles selecting a picture your target audience must always be kept in consideration.

Layout – This is where experts could be differentiated from average professionals. Combining different components of a publicity material, such as content images, and tables are done in a manner pleasant to your eyes. A blunt layout could spoil the entire look of a flyer irrespective of its contents, pictures, and print quality.

Leaflet Colors – Selection of colors to be used as your catalogue background is another important factor of making a publicity material eye-catching. Even white could be used as a background for lending an elegant look to your catalogues. Often colors are used as borders in flyers for a dynamic look.

Print Material – Material used for printing publicity material must be of a durable quality for increased life. As these exchanges several hands a thicker material is recommended for pamphlet design.

5th Sep, 2012

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