Basic Tips for Brochure Design

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Have you ever considered the fact that the brochure can be a major marketing tool that could lead to a drastic improvement of sales? Research reveals that the process of buying has three phases. They are,

1). Getting to know about various products and services.

2). Gathering information and making a comparative study of products.

3). Making the final decision.

Now, how does a customer get to know about your products and services? A brochure presents all your products and services to the customer – it provides detailed information about everything. Whether you have a printed brochure or an online one, it is important to take care of the brochure design, as this can really help you efficiently entice your customer.

The Cover Design Aspect

The first aspect of brochure design is the cover design. Your potential customer could be either of the two types-one, who passively looks at the brochure, or someone who actively asks for the brochure. Someone who passively looks at the brochure is actually in the first stage of the buying process that has been discussed above. For him/her, the brochure cover is more like a business card, which advertises the products and services. Such a customer would actually take note of the cover design. However, someone who actively asks for the brochure is in the information gathering stage of the process of buying. He or she would be more interested in the detailed information, and might actually overlook the cover.

You could also consider custom brochure design as they lend a certain degree of sophistication to the business.

The Brochure Content Aspect

The brochure content should be informative. It should contain enough details to allow the potential customer to make a favorable purchase decision. When a customer decides not to purchase a product, it could be due to its high price, inability of the product to meet the demands, or because of the fact that the customer wants to first find out about other similar products in the market (comparison analysis). The content of a brochure varies from one company to another.

A good design or tri fold brochure design will keep track of the following points:

  • To facilitate comparison, each product must have its pros and cons listed.
  • All relevant questions regarding the product must be answered, as that helps in the removal of doubts from the potential customer’s mind.
  • The brochure design should be such that it manages to hold the attention for quite some time. It is advisable to invest in custom brochure design as that will ensure your brochure looks unique.

Presenting the Contact Information

After the potential customers have found out about the product and done a comparative study, if they are ready to make the purchase, they will be interested in the contact information. A good brochure design will ensure that all website URLs that are needed for placing orders are listed on the brochure. As people may look for this information anywhere (the cover or the inside of the brochure), care should be taken to place the contact information strategically so that it can be easily located.

28th Jun, 2011

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