Why Custom Brochure Design is Important

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You can use a readymade Bill Book for your business, not a Brochure. A brochure has to be customized depending upon your specific business requirements. You have to go for custom brochure design so that you can come up with an impressive brochure that can help you achieve your business goals.

Brochures can be of different types; bi fold and tri fold brochures are quite common – you can learn about the anatomy of brochures in our previous blog post. Brochures can also have multiple pages; technical product manufacturers, pharmacists often need such large brochures because their main objective is to provide information and convey the right message to their customers and prospects.

That is the reason custom brochure design is essential. If you need a bi-fold brochure then you have to ask your designer to come up with a layout for the same. And when you need tri fold brochure design the designer must create something innovative and creative in the same line. The design must be attractive and compelling; and above all it must help you achieve what it is meant for.

Business owners usually prepare brochures for three purposes:

1.      Branding

2.      Attracting People

3.      Conveying a Message / Information

Whether you are preparing a bi-fold brochure, tri-fold brochure, leaflet or an information book with multiple pages you have to secure that the material has the power to meet the objectives. A businessman or a manufacturer may not specify the exact purpose of the brochure. As a designer it is your responsibility to collect such information from the client; otherwise how can you prepare the right tri fold brochure design that would be really useful for the client!

These are some basic information that you may need to collect from the clients; apart from these you may also inquire what kind of material will be used to prepare the brochure. Based on that you can decide a suitable texture and add some stylization.

Things to remember while creating Tri Fold Brochures

When someone receives a tri fold brochure not the entire material becomes visible to them at first glance. Different sections of the brochure open up gradually as the person unfolds the brochure. This is something you have to keep in mind while sketching the tri fold brochure design.

The front section of the brochure carries highest level of priority; you have to put most relevant information here. The USP of your product, service or business should be placed there so that it can grab viewer’s attention right on. The front leaf of a tri fold brochure determines the success of the brochure – whether the receiver would unfold it and view the inner pages or not. Thus custom brochure design involves a bit of consumers’ psychology analysis and behavioral study as well!

8th Jul, 2011

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