10 Things to Keep in Mind while Designing Custom Brochures

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Brochure is an effective marketing material. Almost all the industries use brochures for branding, to educate their customers or to provide relevant information to their prospects. Brochure often influences the purchase decision of your customers.

When a company looks for brochure design services they believe that the brochure design company will be able to design the right kind of brochure for their business. A professional brochure design company never disappoints their customers because they design the brochures keeping the essential factors in mind.

Here are some brochure design tips; designers and companies that offer quality brochure design services usually stick to these guidelines and then blend their creative ideas with it.

1] Use a suitable color scheme

You have to use BRIGHT COLORS; at the same time you have to ensure that it goes with the theme of the business. As a brochure designer you must have some knowledge about color psychology.

Remember that the recipient’s mailbox is flooded with many such brochures everyday. Your brochure must have something that will force the recipient to pick it up and go through it.

2] Use proper images

An image speaks THOUSAND WORDS; you can communicate thousand words using a suitable image. So use this power of image; insert the right image at the right place. This will help you make the brochure simple yet effective.

3] Prioritize the elements

You are going to use many elements in the brochure – pictures, logo, copy, taglines etc. Prioritize the elements – decide which one is to be placed where. Statistics say that common people do not spend more than 7 seconds to decide whether to unfold the brochure or trash it. By keeping the right elements at the right places, you not will convey the right message but will CATCH their attention.

4] Be consistent with the type font

Do not use many type fonts; it can be harsh to the readers’ eyes. Choose one font family that suits with the theme of the brochure and then use different components of that family. Be CONSISTENT.

5] Less is more

Use less; elements, colors, images or font family – whatever you decide to put in the brochure make sure you DO NOT OVERUSE anything. You can convey more by using lesser words and lesser page elements – be creative.

6] Be very careful if you decide to break the trends

All the industries have a trend. Educational institutes use a specific kind of brochure; watch manufacturers use a different type and so on.

If you are going to design something abstract make sure it does not look so odd that people reject it right on. You can be the ‘purple cow’ only if you have that CREATIVE bends of mind.

7] Keep the Objective in Mind

As a brochure designer, you should know why the company is going to design this brochure and what they want to ACHIEVE with this. If you are designing a brochure for a jewelry shop, probably you have to keep the images on the font fold. And while sketching it for an institute, perhaps a catchy headline with an apt logo would help to catch viewer’s attention.

8] Use a copywriter

Copy is an effective part of a brochure. Use the power of WORDS. Work with a talented writer to get the taglines and copy written. It will pay off in the long run.

9] Edit and proofread the copy

This is a MUST. Pass the copy on to an editor and proofreader; a silly spelling mistake is not at all desired when you are designing a world class brochure.

10] Quality Printing

Now when you have designed such a nice brochure, use a QUALITY printer to get the brochure printed. Be very careful with printing material and ink selection.

It is always recommended to hire a professional brochure design company so that you can create stunning brochures that will result in conversion and help you grow your business.

15th Jul, 2011

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  1. Hii Nice blog . color scheme is very important for brochure design.If you dont know right color scheme then you cant call yourself a expert graphic designer

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