Strategy Is the Key When It Comes To Corporate Brochure Design

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When you are asked to design brochure or leaflet for a business, you have to understand the objective of the brochure first. Otherwise it is not possible for a designer to come up with the right kind of layout.

Brochure and leaflet both are essential marketing collaterals that almost all the businesses require as a part of their public relations and marketing activities. As a brochure designer you have to understand the business first; then only you can prepare the most suitable design for the business.

Most of the business owners perform the analysis on their own or consult professional corporate brochure design services in India to get a striking idea and right strategy as well. Search for ‘leaflet design India‘ and ‘corporate brochure design India‘ to find out professional brochure design services in India.

How a designer prepare the layout – how the thought process goes

After proper analysis, the designer decides whether it is going to be a content-centric or an image-centric brochure or leaflet. If image is the first priority, then probably the designer would start preparing the images first. After proper placement of the images, icons and other graphics, the designer would think about creating suitable tag lines, descriptions etc. to fill up the empty space.

On the other hand, if content is the first priority then probably the designer would wait for the copywriter to send him the text first. After inserting the text properly the designer would concentrate on putting some relevant images to make the texts more attractive, meaningful and comprehensive.

After analyzing the objectives you can prepare the right strategy – ‘less graphic more content’ OR ‘less content more graphic’. It is now clear that how important it is for the designer to understand the purpose of the brochure or the leaflet.

Actually there is no universal rule for brochure designing; depending on your goals, you have to design the right layout. All strategies are good provided they serve the purpose. When you decide to use more graphics you have to concentrate on color scheme, logos and icons. For graphics based designs you have to sketch the layout first; once the design comes in your hand you can come up with the text ideas.

Many people prefer graphics based brochures and leaflets; probably that style is suitable for their business. But when you design brochures for educational institutes or any other organizations that want to spread a message, you have to design content based brochures and leaflets.

A brochure designer should be comfortable with both the styles. A brochure design company in India has a team of expert designers who specialize in different styles of brochure and leaflet design. It is always beneficial to work with professional brochure and leaflet designing companies in India.

22th Jul, 2011

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