6 Innovative Brochure Design Ideas

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Are you tired of making the same designs for brochures? Are you afraid that your company may lay you off because of your sudden lack of creativity? In that case you need to sit back and think about new ideas. Even experienced brochure designers get trapped into this designer’s block. Here, I am about to share with you some unique brochure designing ideas that can help you rollback.

Before, you start designing, you need to understand why you are designing the brochure, what you are trying to promote and who your target audience are. You may have to promote services or even products through your brochures. You may have to cater to children, adults or even both through a single brochure.

Take a Look at These Brochure Design Ideas

# Image-based design

In the event that you are trying to focus on targeting new clients for a product-based business, you need to focus on what the business offers. Text-based brochures may not be catchy if you are trying to target college students. They are busy and restive. An image based brochure is the perfect choice for reaching out to this type of audience. The brochure can comprise of 4 to 5 pages with an index in the first page. The next page can display an introduction of the company. The remaining pages can well be dedicated to showcasing the products it offers.

# Flat design

If you believe in the saying, old is gold; the flat design brochure can be your gateway to success. For instance, you are designing a brochure for a core industry. You think that it is the same old design and there is nothing new about it. But, some designs never get old. The flat design is a favorite of brochure designers if they have to promote a business in a simple, yet professional manner. Depending on how much information you have to reveal, you can make the brochure bi-fold or tri-fold.

# Typography oriented design

Are you promoting the work of a dress designer? Well, in that case his or her skills can be best presented in a brochure with unique fonts. Yes, it has to be professional, but convincing the audience with a simple and stark brochure may be difficult. To convince the audience, you should make the brochure appealing. A brochure with strong, yet unique fonts can be appealing than one with usual fonts. You can also embed the name of the designer’s company in bold in several places like a watermark design.

# Photography design

In case you are designing a brochure for a photographer, your main motive is to showcase his or her expertise. Here, images are more impactful than words. Equip the cover page of the brochure with a large picture. Keep in mind that it is one of the best clicks of the photographer. After all, the first impression is always the best impression. Some brochure designers use photographs by the professional and also mention the place and event of the picture. The following pages may also carry other photos by the photographer in the background with his skills and names of equipments highlighted in bold.

# Start-up design

Are you designing a brochure for a start-up? In that case, you have to make sure that it appeals to a wide range of audience and speaks about the services the company offers. Let us suppose, the start-up is a brochure design company. Now, almost every business needs to print brochures. So, you have to make sure that your design is liked by the business community. You can add the specific types of brochures designed in the company with images and description of each type.

# Text and image design

Yes, I agree that images are expressive, but some business need to express their expertise through texts as well. A brochure in the form of a booklet with images on one side and text on the other can be an effective way to target audience. If you are creating brochure for a catering service provider, this type of brochure can be attractive to the audience. On one side of the brochure, a picture of a dish and on the other side, a story behind the preparation of the dish can have great appeal on the mind of the target audience. Catering service providers generally target business houses that need large scale food preparation. The stories can convince them that the catering service provider attaches lots of importance to his or her clients.

Here were some brochure design ideas to wake you up from your artists’ block. You can apply these ideas to become one of the most sought after brochure designers in your company. Do not forget to tell us how your clients have responded to your new style of brochure designing. We are waiting!

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25th Jan, 2016

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