Have You Tried These 10 New Trends in the Field of Brochure Designing?

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2016 has begun and you want to attract audience. You can mention details about your company’s offers through a brochure. It is a unique marketing strategy to reach out to your target audience. With expanded reach, your business can enjoy higher sales and profitability. Hire a company offering brochure design services to cascade your dream into reality.

How often do you read a brochure completely? Have you asked yourself why would your audience go through your brochure when you yourself do not read them properly? How is your brochure different from that of a competitor’s?

Present unique brochures to your targeted audience to ensure enhanced customer reach.

Let us check out some of the brochure design trends of 2016

# Hide a surprise

Your new brochure can hide an interesting feature beneath the cover page. Let us consider that you have started a flower business and want to offer discounts on your products. The brochure can be designed in such a manner that when a person turns the cover page, a small bouquet pops out.

The brochure may also enclose a sample item for the reader. You can attach a sample coffee packet to market a new product of your coffee company.

# Reflect the idea of your business

Your brochure should speak about what you are offering through images. In the event that you own a real estate business, you want to distribute brochures about a new project. The brochure’s pages can showcase the image of your new project in the background. Those who offer brochure design services use the right image to display the idea of your business.

# Introduce new shapes

There is no hard and fast rule that brochures should essentially be rectangle. Innovative brochure designers use unique shapes to craft your brochures. It can be square, triangle, and circle, heart-shaped or even have a zigzag shape.

# Keep it simple

You can keep the brochures simple. Some businesses look good with a simple display. If you have a legal firm, your brochure should look stark and simple. You can declare the introduction of new services in sober colors. Experts at the brochure design services offering company can use embossed text to increase the appeal of your message.

# Opt for die cuts

Die cutting is effective to attract audience. It reveals only a part of what lies underneath. A person who receives the brochure is eager to turn the cover page and find out what is peeping through the gaps. This type of brochure design can be applicable for targeting children. You can hide the actual offer beneath a die cut. The design arouses their curiosity and they go through the subsequent pages.

# Harp on the intelligence of your readers

Your brochure can literally express the message you mean to spread, but in a clever manner. For example, your company is sponsoring a marathon in the locality. The brochure can be designed in such a way that it resembles a person walking. This type of design is intriguing and interesting.

# Use spiral binds

It is easy to keep a brochure open if it has spiral binding. You do not have to take the trouble of holding the brochure, especially if your hands are busy.

# Combine image and color

Color and image are of utmost importance in a brochure. The correct combination of the two manifests the expertise of the professionals offering brochure design services. The designers can incorporate an image within the cover page text. But, you don’t think their effort will leave its mark, if the background color of the brochure and the color within the text remains the same. Do you?

# Go for small size

A small brochure is perfect to market your new project or offer. Being small, it is easy to hold. The person who receives it can keep it inside a purse and read it when he or she has time. This way, you can ensure proper reach to audience. However, you should not be under the impression that a small brochure cannot effectively express your message.

# Choose the right material

The brochure material is a crucial factor determining the impact of the brochure on the audience. You are not expecting to attract audience with a glossy material, if you are aiming to open a club for war veteran. Are you?

Here were some of the latest brochure design trends of 2016. Approach a brochure design services companywhichapplies new trends on its creations. In no time can you watch your business reach the zenith of success.

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18th Jan, 2016

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