4 Intriguing Ways to Score Better with E-brochures than with General Brochures

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Do you think a business can exist successfully over the years without introducing any change? The answer is simple – No. Strategies change over years and companies evolve in course of time. Every organization follows a marketing strategy to reach out to a large client base. Brochures are one of the most significant marketing strategies available to business heads the world over. But there is twist in the tale. Like all strategies, the brochure designing technique too has undergone alterations. Paper brochures have evolved into e-brochures. You can hire a brochure design company to get customized
e-brochure design as a marketing strategy of your business. Today’s discussion revolves around the advantage of e-brochures over general paper brochures.

An e-brochure is far more effective than a general brochure. Just a click and the brochure can reach thousands of recipients across the world. It is an interactive window to your company’s offerings and also provides information about your company’s culture. It is easy to make changes in an e-brochure whenever required.

You have to take the trouble of distributing general brochures among your audience. General brochures are costly to print as you have to reprint them if you want to modify the content.

Let us check out the superiority of e-brochures over general brochures.

# Targets varied category of audience

Let us consider, you own an e-commerce business and offer clothes for men, women and children. An e-brochure can display all the three types of audience. I am not saying that general brochures cannot target multiple clienteles, but in an e-brochure your audience can click on separate sections. With every click they can get details about the products. Marketing with the help of e-brochure design has become an essential tool to market businesses.

A general brochure only gets lengthy, if you add details. You have to decide if you want to attract the audience through a brochure or a booklet.

# Interact with audience

I have been talking about an e-brochure being interactive from the very beginning of this blog. You must be wondering how a brochure can become interactive when it can’t even talk. I will tell you how? Refer to the earlier point. We had discussed ‘clickable e-brochures.’ A new box about products opens when your audience clicks on a segment on the first page. Isn’t it interactive?

People nowadays hardly have time to read lengthy brochure content. They can give 4 minutes at most to go through your brochures, not more than that. You can either use a static brochure that can be downloaded or you can ask the brochure designer to introduce pop-ups into the e-brochure design. An experienced designer knows how to attract the audience and convert them. He or she also adds website link and social media links on the brochure.

On the other hand, a paper brochure has limited information and does not come with links to detailed information. They are not interactive as you cannot reach any website or blog post through it. I hope you do not expect a pop-up projecting out of a paper brochure when you drag a finger over an image or content.

# Offer a vast repertoire of information to convince clients

An e-brochure not only displays a lot of information but also convinces the audience to make a purchase. For instance, your company’s e-brochure introduces your audience to a wide variety of information regarding your new offers, how to avail discounts, new products in the line, how to purchase from your site, etc. Your audience also sees videos where former buyers speak about their experience. They tell how your company delivers goods on time, sends quality products and solves delivery issues that they face, etc.

The videos inserted by the designer in the e-brochure design company are proof of your integrity and the experience you offer your clients. They indicate that several people have already used products you offer and are satisfied with you overall service. When the audience sees the video or reads testimonials they are convinced that your company delivers what it promises.

General brochures can never come up with so much information. The maximum they can give the audience is an image, contact details, new offer lists and new product list. The biggest problem with paper brochures is that too much information cannot be interpolated into them.

# Promise higher international clientele

In an effort to reach out to international clients, many organizations have translated their e-brochures into separate languages. However, if you want to target a specific international market, you can convert the brochure into that language. Each page should have the picture of a client and his or her testimonial. This shows the foreign clientele that your company is ready to roll out clothes catering to their tastes and preferences.

It is not possible to print thousands of brochures in different languages. Before they reach the designated nation they are going to get damaged. Alas! Money and effort; all lost. You don’t want that. Do you?

What is your opinion on e-brochure design?Have you tried using e-brochures? If not, give it a try and let us know how your business fairs.

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11th Jan, 2016

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