9 Impressive Techniques to Market your Business with the Help of Corporate Business Cards

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2016 is almost at your door and its time to revamp your marketing strategy. Have you tried using business cards to promote your business? Well, they are one of the most cordial promotional strategies of a modern world. You can pass your business cards from one person to another. But, you cannot promote your business, if the card is not worth it. You can take the help of professional brochure designers India to create compelling corporate business cards.

Experienced brochure designers can design corporate business cards for the successful promotion of your business. Here are some features of effective corporate business cards.

# Keep a logo to identify your business

A logo is the face of your company. It helps potential clients know you. Your logo is your frontal appearance to the business world. People will know you through this logo. By adding a logo to your business card, you can successfully promote your business.

# Keep the measurement right

Business cards are not like brochures that you can keep them big and thin. They display your entity. Therefore, you have to make sure that the length and breadth of the card are apt to reflect your business. Designers are aware of the right size of business cards. A normal business card measures 89 cm in length and 51 cm in breadth.

# Use a catchy tagline

Use an attractive tagline to engage your audience fruitfully. It is a great way to make your audience take an interest in your business. At a time when business owners are hankering after a suitable business strategy, this specific approach can create wonders. You may easily stand out in a crowd by using a catchy line that all ures audience to your website.

# Project yourself in a suitable manner

How you project your business depends on the type of business you own. If you are a doctor, brochure designers India can make you a card devoid of all designs. It only has your name, professional qualifications, and address. However, in the event that you own a hospitality business, your business card is going to appear completely different. You cannot expect to seduce clients with a somber-looking business card in that case. Your business card should include a picture of your hotel building. The image of the building does not reflect how proud you are of your business. It shows that you are eager to reach out to your audience. A picture of the hotel with a garden in front can get you the right amount of leverage.

# Sell with your card

Business cards can be used to sell your products and measure the traffic rate to your website. You can attach an SKU on the card and give a coupon to the recipient. The coupon and the code act as discounts and a way to track the use of the card respectively. When the recipients visit your website to avail the discount, you can assess that the card has been put to use. You can also ensure sales of your company’s products.

# Include the bare necessity

Yes, we agree your business card is your face to the business world. But, you must be careful about the information you give on the card.Brochure designers India arrange information according to their importance. The information with most importance is kept at the top and the least important piece of information is at the bottom.

# Be careful about the paper, font, and colors

The paper of business cards should be hard. You can ask your competitors to send you their business cards. The card should stay long after you meet the recipient. Make sure that the typeface of the business card is impressive. You can use hand written font in the exercise book of your child, but using them on your business cards can deter your potential clients. Bold fonts are more impressive than cursive writing.

When the designers use colors on the cards, you should tell them about the approach you want to make. Your approach depends on the type of business you own. As a doctor, you better avoid using too much color on your business card. But, you can use colors on the card if you own a hospitality business. While a doctor’s business card looks best in black and white, a hotel business is best manifested in multiple colors. Come festive season and you can see guests flocking to your hotel. If you use a black and white business card to promote your business, you can rest assured that your hotel business will do bleak business in times of festivity. Let’s hope that does not happen.

By comparing your existing business card with that of your competitors, you can realize what makes their business shine. Try to understand the difference between their cards and yours. If you cannot make out the reason for their success and your low success, you can take the help of efficient brochure designers India. They can use their experience of many years to assess what type of corporate business card you need.

# Be with a social cause

If you can express that your business takes up social responsibility seriously, you can attract many clients. People in general like the idea of business owners dedicated to social causes. But, the question is, how can you express your social support through your corporate business card? Let us consider that you own a textile business. You can ask the designers to add a line to the bottom of your card that says that you want to provide clothing, one of the basic requirements to people in your city.

# Handover the card with maximum impact

You have to ensure the complete impact on the recipient when you are handing over the card. Speak to the recipient to know what he or she needs and what problem he or she faces. When handing the card tell the recipient about the value your products can offer.

Did I miss you out anything? If yes, you are most welcome to state your views. In the meantime, apply some of these ideas to make your business promotion more promising. Approach a company of efficient brochure designers India and create effective business cards for yourself.

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4th Jan, 2016

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