How to Make Brochures a Crucial Tool to Successfully Market Your Business?

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Its Christmas time and you are eager to drum up the sales of your business? You have new offers and discounts for your clients. Brochures are one of the most effective tools to bring your business to the forefront. Approach a brochure designing company to create attractive brochures for your business. The competent brochure designers can craft different types of brochures for highlighting your products.

Why not take a look at how brochures can make your business glitter this festive season?

# Assess what customers want

Even before you embark on the journey to create brochures, you have to understand the mentality of your target clientele. Conduct a survey to assess what problems they are facing, how your products can help them lead a better life, etc. The marketing department of your team can conduct a quantitative and qualitative survey of clients and salespeople. In this manner, you can easily understand what your audience is looking for.

# Opt for the perfect color combination?

The designers make perfect use of colors to make your brochure appear attractive. They are aware of the hues that can correctly convey the message of your business. You have to realize that not all colors are suitable for promoting all types of business on all occasions. For instance, if you have a steel furniture business, you should avoid using bright colors like red and green. However, given the festive mood, an image of Santa and Christmas tree can render enough brightness.

But, if you own a toy business, you can ask for a glossy brochure with ample use of colors. The designers are concerned about the fame of your business. Therefore, they see to it that each and every color matches with each other.

# Use images that matter

A brochure is meant to attract clients in a jiffy. So, it needs to display images. You can use images of the products you sell or those on which you are offering discounts.

We all know that you are proud of your business. But, putting the picture of the building of your business on the cover page of the brochure is simply too much. If this idea is doing the rounds in your mind, forget about it. The experts at the brochure designing company know what types of images they should use on the brochures. Remember, your main aim is to convince people for buying your products. If you waste space advertising the construction of your business, you will be on the losing end.

The pictures should be clean. You don’t expect to lure clients with ambiguous pictures, do you?

# Write catchy texts and headlines

Now, that we are done discussing the cover page image it’s time to give some importance to the headlines. If the reader does not find anything interesting in the first five seconds of looking at the brochure, he or she will simply toss it into the dustbin.

The headline should convey the message of your business to the reader very clearly. If, for instance, the headline reads, “Catering to your Festive Needs,” it will not be effective. But, if you try this, “Get the Best Toys for your Kids at 50% Discount,” trust me, your business will have healthy sales.

With the cover page headline successfully commanding the attention of readers, you have to ensure catchy headlines for the successive pages inside the brochure.

# Make sure that the content is readable

You want a sure-shot response by marketing your business through brochures, right? But, if the reader is not able to read the text on the brochure, all efforts are going to fall flat.

  • As far as texts are concerned, designers at the brochure designing company use maximum two fonts. Headlines have one type of font and the rest of the text has a different font. Same goes for the size of the texts. The headline should be larger than the rest of the text. The main content should not exceed 10 points. If you are mentioning terms and conditions, the designers try to keep them at 5 points.
  • In the event that you want to infuse cursive fonts, you can use quotes to fulfill your desire. But, the main content should be legible and divided into separate paragraphs.
  • If you have multiple things to convey, such as advantages of using an RO water purifier, use bullet points. Bullet points keep readers glued to your brochure. One block content stands no chance before feature-rich content. By implementing bullet points, you can make sure that the audience sticks to your brochure and do not get attracted towards competitors’ brochures. Experienced designers create brochures that compel readers to purchase your products.

# Offer useful information

Why are you distributing brochures? Because you want to inform readers abut your products and offers. So, the brochure should be rich in information.

You can ask the brochure designing company to include the name of your company and its logo on the cover page. The other pages display information about what your company has to offer.

The last page of the brochure should have the address of your company, contact number, and e-mail id. This essential information can assist readers to contact you.

# Urge to act

Give your readers a reason to buy your products as soon as possible. Otherwise, you won’t even realize when they will move on to another company providing other interesting offers. The brochure should urge readers to buy products as long as offers last, till Christmas Day or till stocks last.

Such call to actions fetches clients to your business and you can realize the efficiency of the marketing tool, called brochure.

Here were some techniques to make your brochure an effective marketing tool for your business. Proficient designers at a brochure designing company create compelling brochures for your business. Avail brochure designing services to notice how your sales increase this Christmas. Think about some other plans to make your brochure attention grabbing. Let us know if they are effective. Till then,

Merry Christmas!!! 

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28th Dec, 2015

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