Business Marketing and Other Benefits of E-catalogue

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Product catalogs are often distributed among target customers by various companies to increase sales. The graphics and text-enriched catalogs generate interest and help businesses get leads. However, considering the ever-increasing printing cost and the man power you require to distribute the catalogs, now is the time to take advantage of internet. The cost of e catalogue design is cheaper than any printed brochure and the ROI it offers you can’t be matched by any printed marketing material.

If you have never used e-catalogs for marketing before, read this post with rapt attention to discover the marketing benefits you can enjoy by investing in online catalogs.


Incredible reach: Distributing printed catalogs is not only a time consuming process, but it restricts your reach as well. Let’s assume that you manufacture house paints and have lots of products that can be delivered to customers all across the nation. If you invest in print marketing, only thousands of people may get to see your product offerings, but if you invest in an e catalogue design, then anyone with an internet connection can access your product catalog from anywhere. In fact, if you deal in a country like USA or Canada, you can even design the catalog in different languages so that both English speakers and non-speakers can buy your products confidently.

Online sales channel: You can integrate your online catalog with the website database to boost sales figures. All you need is a shopping cart and customers will be able to go through your items, place their orders and pay using their credit cards. While you sleep comfortably at your home, the e-catalog will help your business make profit.

Can be updated anytime: No matter what type of products you sell, it is obvious that every year, you launch some new items to attract customers. Now, if you use printed catalogs, you have to print fresh ones for every new product launch. Similarly, some items are “discontinued” after every couple of years and the information must reach potential buyers. An e-catalog allows you to update the product list anytime. You can remove an old item from the list, add some new ones or completely overhaul the current list. Cost of editing? Nothing!

Drive customers home: You can use the links of products in the online product catalog to market your business efficiently. For example, while writing a press release or newsletter, you can include the links of the items in your e-catalog and bring customers to your website. Since press releases and newsletters are read by people interested in your business, the possibility of conversion increases significantly.

Good for SEO: When you add the online product catalog to your website using a SEO friendly format, search engines consider it as a valuable source of data. Therefore, when people search for the products mentioned in the catalog, Google/Bing/Yahoo will rank your site higher on SERPs.

These are some of the benefits you can enjoy by investing your time and money in e catalogue design. You can hire a website design company for the job. They will create the catalog and embed it in your site to grab the attention of web traffic.


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17th Dec, 2013

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