Six Tips to Design an Eye Catching Poster

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Marketing experts take the help of different marketing mediums to promote a business to the target audience. Some concentrate on brochure design while some some opt for email marketing to save money.

Whether you will take the online or offline path for business promotion is completely your choice, but if you want true brand visibility, it is always better to invest in offline marketing. An online banner stays visible only for a few seconds before the user skips to another page, but a poster stays at its place for months. People walking on the road simply can’t miss a colorful poster and the message it shares with them.

If you are planning to design a poster for your business, but have never designed one before, here are some helpful tips for you.

# Decide the focus: A poster must promote a particular product or service to the target audience. Now, a product or service may offer lots of benefits to its users, but you need to decide which positive factors should be highlighted first. The most important information must be placed at the top and it should be written in large fonts. For example, an insurance firm can use a headline like, “Want to save tax?” and then write about their new policy in bullet points.

# Use eye-catching colors: Colors convey different emotions to viewers. So, you must pick the colors carefully. Use bright colors that appeal to your target audience, but make sure they don’t affect readability. Color contrast must be maintained so that text can be read from a distance.

# Use high-resolution images: Images are the first thing that people notice in a poster. Therefore, use high-resolution images to convince customers that you are trying to sell a quality product or service. If you use HD images, the printing cost may increase a little bit, but considering the impact you can have on viewers’ mind, it is worth spending a few dollars extra.

# Balance the composition: Just like brochure design, a poster features both text and images. However, as a poster does not provide you with much space, you must chalk out a plan to maintain balance between graphics and text content. Try to post the text near the images to explain the features or benefits of your product/service.

# Play with typography: You can use different types of fonts in your poster to add a dramatic effect. Just make sure the fonts are legible and they suit your brand persona.

# Add QR code: It is a good idea to embed a QR code in your poster to help people gather more information about your business. QR code is a small rectangular bar-code that can be scanned using a camera smartphone. When people scan the QR code, they are taken straight to your website.

Poster is very much different from other printed marketing materials because you have less space. A brochure design can spread across a large sheet as they are generally manifold, but a poster needs to be brief yet impressive enough to compel pedestrians to read the message. Remember the aforementioned tips while designing a promotional poster for your company and you will be able to capture viewers’ attention successfully.

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10th Dec, 2013

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