Choosing the Appropriate Brochure Design for your Business and Brand

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A brochure acts as a wonderful medium for the promotion of a company or business. These promotional materials are extremely convenient to be used by business professionals as well as their clients. This promotional tool is, in fact, a reflection of you and your brand and the identity of the brand can be made or broken with this tool. Thus, it is extremely important that the brochure design for your company is done perfectly so that it impresses the clients and delivers to your company what it exactly deserves.

Designing your company’s print brochures can be a tough business, especially if you are a new or at least comparatively new entrant in the industry. Not many of us are excellent designers and perhaps cannot come up with unique concepts and designs. If your designing skills are not impressive, it is best to leave the job to professionals and hire some reputable printer who can do the needful for you. Here is also a set of tips that can help you choose the right design for your brand or business.


You always need a concept behind something to make it work and this theory applies to brochure designing as well. Think and decide on a proper concept. Once this decision is made, you will be able to follow up on the various other details pertaining to brochure design. Make sure to base the concept on your identity as a brand, products or services offered to the public, your vision etc. Your brand should act as the sun around which the entire concept of the company brochure revolves.

Colour scheme

Colour scheme is an integral aspect of any kind of designing. The hues which correspond to that of your brand logo act as the best colour scheme for your company brochure. This would also lend a consistency to it. Even if you do not use the same colours, make sure that the colours are complementary and do not clash. Also, do not put in too many colours as that would make it appear too flashy; it can also stop the viewer from concentrating on one aspect.


Be clear about the message and be sure to include it prominently. It will communicate your viewpoint to the audience. The tag line of the company should be included here so that the identity of the brand can be established with it.


The images used must be appropriate to your business and brand. They should act as representations of the brand itself. The images and concept behind the brochure should be inter-related so that the audience is not misled. Keep in mind the general colour scheme and that of the pictures before they are used, so that it looks just right.

Keep in mind the above mentioned points about brochure design so that you can give shape to an eye-catching brochure which is a seamless amalgamation of all the elements stated above, thereby fulfilling its actual purpose effortlessly.


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13th Aug, 2013

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