6 Significant Considerations for Effective Brochures that Meet Your Marketing Goals

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Brochures are most common traditional marketing tools. You will often notice customers asking for latest brochures. This is because brochures are easy to refer and also have a brief insight about the recent product or services of that particular company. Reputed brands always opt for brochure design services to make attractive brochures. They can fit nicely in standard envelopes and are quite handy in terms of distribution. Most of the business enterprises change their brochures frequently to maximum impact on the consumer.
While some companies are nailing their marketing strategy every time with brochure marketing, there are still few companies that strive to make their brochure better. Now, better brochure means more impressive design and persuasive content. There are few effective tips and tricks for making unique and different brochures. Moving forward from the basics, your brochure is well designed and written. The grammar, spellings, punctuations and other errors have been corrected. The design is featuring a decent artwork like custom photographs, graphical designs or detailed illustrations. Here are some tactics to take the brochure marketing to the next level.

Give out an irresistible offer

Brochures that provide company’s information and product or services insight are fine. But how many customers really want to know about your company’s profile! Brochures that give out an irresistible offer will always get immediate results. For example, you have opened a new fitness studio at the corner of the street and you want long term membership, you can give out attractive discount schemes. These discount schemes will have a validity date. By doing this a potential customer will keep your brochure. Thus, your brochure lands up successfully in the bag and mind of the customer. This way you have already made a lead. However, there are some multinational and international branded companies that don’t follow this direct marketing strategy. You can follow a different offer in that case. You might offer free service for one year, on the customer’s first purchase

Opt for professional brochure design services :

You can also approach few professional brochure design services company and take their advice. You can get the most of your brochure marketing campaign if you go for professional brochure designing company. Not only they will design the layout but also, they can devise a much effective marketing campaign for you.

Professional printing

Printing material makes an impact on the mind of the customer. The reader will always make an assumption about the professionalism of your company by the look and feel of the brochure. Digital printing is the most opted option for its printing quality. However, most of the brochure design services companies will recommend you to go for process print. Process printing is the new age printing and it produces the richest, long-lasting and impressive colors. Moreover, the prices are competitive and it is economical if you need a huge amount of brochures printed within some amount of time. Reputed companies will also guide you on design and will recommend the measurements for the bleeding matter of the paper.

Paper quality

Needless to say, the paper quality will give you the ultimate look along with color mixing. The most opted are gloss paper of 100 to 150 gsm and it is too common.  On the other hand, thicker gum can increase your price and at the same time you cannot go for less than 200 gsm. Less than 100 gsm will not yield any useful results. Upgrading the paper quality can make it stand out from the crowd. You can select a medium gsm silver metallic, gold metallic or pearl metallic paper. These metallic papers have light reflecting particles. Neither these are very thick and nor they are too glossy. The look of the paper is elegant and speaks of class. However, you must understand the saturation level of the paper and then select color accordingly.

Go for different formats

The standard brochure sizes are 8.5’’x11’’ and 9’’x12’’ trifold. This is the most opted because these sizes fit right into the standard envelopes and racks. For the ultimate look of the brochure that will make your company look different, you can strategically opt for other sizes. However, it is not easy to make paper designs accurately. It is advised that you must take professional help of brochure design services companies. They can make the layout perfectly fit to be printed. The services may be little costly but it’s worth your time and reduces chances of wastage.

Use strategic photographs

You must use photos that are related to the subject. Understand the audience’s aspirational self. Aspirational self-means the improved reflection. For example, if you are advertising about some beauty product, give related pictures and Infographics stating the uses of the products/services and benefits over the existing products/services in the market. You can also give an unedited picture of a female character, stating the true value of your products/services. Consumers are now the king and not foolish, they can understand what is forced marketing. Therefore, it is advised that you should not Photoshop or edit any image more than required and make it look artificial. Sales don’t happen just like that. Recent studies have proved that consumer purchasing behavior is changing. Decision science reveals that consumers are intelligent enough to understand true claims and tall claims. Therefore, compare all the brochure design services in your area. Ask for samples and understand their quality.

11th May, 2016

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