Hit your Mark with a Perfectly Structured Tri-fold Brochure

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So you want to print brochures and promote your latest offers for the upcoming occasion of Brother’s Day. That’s a great idea, but have you a given a thought to the structure and design of this unique marketing tool? If you ask me, I would suggest you promote your business with a tri-fold brochure design. This design is the latest member in the bandwagon to have grabbed the attention of business owners and their audiences. Not that it is a new style, but lately it has created quite a craze in the business world. In this blog, we are going to check out the layout of a tri-fold brochure and assess how it can market your business.

The brochure is designed on the basis of the landscape view of the paper and has 3 equal folds. When you fold the paper, you start with the right side and follow up with the left side. As a result, when the audience opens it, he or she first lifts the left flap and then the right. It is simple, you see – the same order, in which we read books.

A Peak into the Design of a Tri-fold Brochure

Part 1 – It is actually the outside of the front cover of the brochure and is going to comprise of the name and logo of your business plus an attractive image. The front cover of the tri-fold brochure design carries a compelling message that is meant to attract your audiences to open the first flap. Make sure that this part has sensible use of colors and font. After all, it is supposed to make the first impression.

Part 2 – This is the first page of the brochure and is often considered to be its most important part. After having read your message, a person will expect to see some action. It is the page, where you can ask questions about the need to buy your products or services and give answers to your readers. In fact, it is the best opportunity to make your audiences feel that they must buy whatever you are offering.

This section acts as a persuasive point to reach out to your audiences. Let us consider that you own a general store and want to offer discounts on non-veg food. So, the second page of the brochure should tell how your products score over the offerings of other general stores and how your offers stand apart from the offers that other stores are coming up with.

Parts 3 and 4 – After having read the first page of the brochure’s insides, it is time for your audience to turn the flap on the right side and reveal the 3rd and the 4th pages. You can mention details about your brand and the products with offers in these two sections. However, you must keep an eye on the clarity of view. Too much information can muddle the reader’s mind and make your tri-fold brochure design undesirable marketing tool. It is best to highlight the information with headlines, subheads, and a few images.

Tell a little about your business and what all its offerings are. You can make your move by giving a gist of the products with discounts. If you are offering a discount on toiletries, shed some light on the brands and the net volume of each item. Images of the items can enhance the interests of the audiences and motivate them to make purchases.

Part 5 – This part of the brochure is meant to offer value to the audiences. Offers are not always restricted to free products or discounts on products you sell. They can also encompass free meals, free trips, vouchers, a form, a notepad, empty space to make notes and passes to participate in events.

The 5th section of tri-fold brochure design is, thus, the call-to-action part of the brochure. Some business owners add testimonials to the 5th section and show how much the words of their clients mean to them.

Part 6 – This section consists of contact information, logo and sometimes even a map. In the event that the brochure’s 5th page has a fill-up form, your audiences can send it to the address mentioned at the backside of the brochure. In fact, the 6th section acts as a direct mail piece.

Brochures are popular marketing tools that increase the visibility and reach of your business. They are what take your business to a vast client base. Whether you use paper brochures or online brochures, your target audiences are bound to respond to your call-to-action.

By now you must have gathered some idea about the framework of a tri-fold brochure design.So, what are you waiting for? Order for a bunch of these marketing tools and distribute them to your target audiences.

18th May, 2016

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