7 Mesmerizing Brochure Designs for Start-Up Tourism and Hospitality Business

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Have you just started a travel related business? Are you wondering how to create and expand your audience base? Well, with travel and tourism bringing in trillions of dollars to the global tourism coffers, every business owner in the tourism sector is trying to get the largest chunk of the cheese. As a start-up, marketing your services to your target audiences is what you should focus on. Brochures are one of the most useful marketing tools used in the travel and tourism industry. With an appealing brochure graphic design, you can easily promote your business among your target audience.

Brochures are counted among the most cost-effective marketing tools. Also, you can distribute them to a large audience base.

In this blog, we are going to take a look at some of the innovative designs used in travel brochures.

# City brochures

In the event that you take tourists to different cities, your brochures can speak about those cities. The cover page of the brochure may consist of a popular architectural specimen of the city. Is the city known for a particular cultural form? If yes, you can always highlight that in the background. You can include names of hotels, various modes of transport and tourist destinations of the city inside the brochure. A grand way of attracting an audience is to create a brochure graphic design with the name of the city in the middle of the cover page with scenery in the background. The interior part of the brochure is going to comprise of details about the city and the excursions you arrange for your clients.

# Travel brochures

The travel guide brochure is an ideal way to tell your audiences how wonderful your services are or what places you take them to. They offer you optimum opportunity to impress and convince those who you are trying to target through the brochures. Travel brochures are generally in landscape form with captivating fonts, circular frames, and enticing background images.

# Cruise trip brochures

Do you take people out on cruise trips? Well, in that case, you can opt for a brochure with all details about the ships’ models, prices, destinations, and itineraries. Don’t forget to inform your audiences how much they can enjoy the water sports and other maritime adventures, if they travel with you. Want to enchant your clients? Use beautiful pictures of destinations or cruises on the sea. Make the appearance so enticing that your target audiences will feel compelled to oblige by availing one of your trips.

# Country brochures

When you offer international trips, you need to make the package brochure really, really interesting. Have you thought about using an image of the route you are going to take? Yes, I am talking about a map in the brochure graphic design. Even though inserting a map may seem childish to some, it is a way to convince your audiences that you are aware of the route and will not put them in any danger. So, a map actually makes you appear reliable than your competitors.

An added advantage can be mentioning the itinerary and the data about the countries you are taking them to.

# River Cruise

So you are planning to offer an amalgamation of river cruise and golf course. I would suggest you to keep the layout smooth and simple. A picture of a cruise ship navigating through the river can indicate how smoothly you can conduct the trip. Do not forget to offer some information about the river, on which you travel. Also, tell your audiences about the places you are going to take them to.

What can be more enticing than telling people interesting stuff about the cities or towns they are about to visit.

# Culinary tour brochure

Do you specialize in offering culinary tours across nations? With a culinary tour brochure, you can virtually take your audiences on a ride to the delectable hotspots of a country. Keep the background color sober to generate the interests of your audiences. When they turn the pages of the brochure you can mesmerize them with a range of colorful images of the different food items and ingredients in the region. Seduce a food enthusiast with attractive brochure graphic design to opt for the culinary trip you are offering.

# Resort brochure

In the event that you own a resort, the brochure should constitute a picture of your resort and the surrounding areas. Is your resort in a cold hilly area? Why not emphasize on the facilities and features that make it a favorite among travelers. If you are offering tour packages, write the names of the places and a few lines about them.

Now, that you know about the different types of brochure graphic design specimens, you can easily promote your business among your target audiences. So, get a brochure designed and wait for a chunk of profit coming your way.

31th May, 2016

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