5 Practical Ways to Leverage Online Brochures

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A few more days to go before Father’s Day come knocking at your door. It’s the right time to promote your business among your target audiences. The most cost-effective way to reach out to your audience base is to use online brochures. A brochure designer uses his or her skills and knowledge to create appealing brochures for you. They keep themselves updated to come up with interactive ideas while designing your brochures.

Brochures are very useful and cost-efficient tools to promote your business. With the advent of online brochures, the process of promoting businesses has become all the more easy and convenient. You can reach out to a large mass of audiences simply by clicking the send button. The only investment you have to incur is in designing the tool. In this blog, we are going to discuss how you can use an online brochure to increase the reach of your business.

Uses of Online Brochure

# Use target specific database to customize your brochure

It might sound a little weird, but a brochure with customized approach can heighten your reach. With Father’s Day round the corner, you can increase traffic to your site with target specific brochure design approach and content.

Wondering how? You can address the brochure to sons and daughters who are enthusiastic about celebrating this wonderful occasion.

If you own a bakery business, it would be lovely to entice your audiences with a professional brochure design. With images of the latest products, you can attract audiences, especially if the products have elements of the special day. For instance, you can design a cake replicating an old man or a cake designed like a whiskey bottle. You should also mention the offers for your audiences to understand why they will buy from you.

Another important thing to keep in mind in this regards is the tone of the text. Again, the age of the people you are trying to approach may vary. You may segment the brochures according to the age groups. Of course, the language in a brochure addressed to the younger generation will not be same as in a brochure addressing older people.

There are certain things that money cannot buy. Emotions and love are some such things. If you can leverage these feelings through your brochures, there will be no  stopping the rush of footfalls to your store.

# Include a video to make the tool interactive

A video is as good as a one-on-one meeting where you can convey your message to the audience without any type of interruption. Besides, attracting new clients, videos also help in strengthening your existing client base. A knowledgeable brochure designer will know how to incorporate the video in the brochure.

Do you own a salon? In that case, the video can showcase some of the hairstyles your offer. When the recipients of the online brochure view what you have in store for them, they are enticed to visit your store.

Why not give papa a new style?

# Incorporate Buy Now tab in the design

Your brochure can act as your selling tool. All that the designer has to do is include a tab, which requests the reader to visit your site, provided you have an e-commerce site.

Once, you can convince the recipients to view what is in store, you are bound to make a few sales.

Make sure that the site has offers to entice the visitor. That way, you can rest assured of confirmed conversion.

You may also integrate the ‘Buy Now’ button below the image of a product on your site. Many daughters with hardly any time to go shopping, can actually buy the product you are advertising.

# Highlight all your selling features to ensure conversion

A professional brochure design must have all your selling features. You must have realized by now the importance of videos and Buy Now tab. Other features like photo galleries and offers to subscribe to newsletters are also useful selling features.

The more you incorporate these features, the easier it is to promote your site and generate leads.

# Leverage the power of tracking

You can now track the movement of traffic on your site. With such information, you can understand how effective your brochure is. This gives you an idea about the mentality of audiences. You can also track the percentage of traffic on each page of your website.

Now, that you know how an online brochure can increase the visibility of your site, you should approach an efficient brochure designer who is well aware of the design techniques to make your online tool a success.

If you have not yet made use of online brochures it is the time you do. Let us know about your experiences.

10th Jun, 2016

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