Effective Tips to Make Brochure an Important Marketing Tool

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Though the present arena of marketing is dominated by several new tools like electronic and online, the good old brochure or pamphlet still continues to be a popular offline marketing tool that businesses swear by. Brochure designers are, hence, very much in demand now.

Marketing is not just about creating and maintaining customer base. Online marketing can undoubtedly help you do that but it can be done more effectively if you have other tactical tools like brochures included in your advertising campaign. This is necessary because there are thousands of prospective customers out there who are very cautious about buying an expensive product or placing an important business item from a vendor they haven’t ever heard of. This is one of the main reasons behind businesses having brochures that tell about their company and products.

So, you see, it is extremely important to hire brochure designers who are professionally trained to effectively design brochures for you. Here are some points that need to be considered to make a brochure or pamphlet effective:

 Quick facts:

Readers are not interested in reading an endless history of your business and the products and services it offers. They tend to get turned off not only by lengthy presentations but also by the crowding of paragraphs. Hence, presenting your facts in bullet points is a much better option. It allows readers to scan through the content. They get to know what you want to say without having to spend much time. In short, it makes reading quick and uncomplicated. So, in your next pamphlet, quickly jot down the features and advantages of your products and services in bullet points to achieve the best results.

Picture perfect:

As they say a picture can speak a thousand words, the images on your brochure too can do so. Hence, illustrate the description of your products with images to make the maximum impact on the minds of viewers. Human beings are essentially visual, they may forget what they have read, but what they see usually stays in their mind. Try using snaps of different sizes and putting them in different angles. However, exaggeration is a no-no.

Use a simple language:

Try using language that is easily understandable by your target customers. If you need to use technical terms, make sure you provide simple definitions of them. You should not forget that your main aim to make your readers understand what your product is all about.

Highlight main points:

This way, you can emphasize the areas you want your readers to notice at once. Suppose, you are endorsing several products; you can highlight the image of the product that is most expensive or will be most useful to the target customers. In case of text, highlight the important points that you think your readers will be interested in. You may also use bigger fonts for keywords that you want your target customers to notice readily.

Expert brochure designers are generally aware of all these factors and thus, design your pamphlets accordingly.


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17th Sep, 2013

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