Tips to Turn Brochure into a Lead Generating Machine

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Brochure is a marketing tool that is used by almost any business, but there are only a few who can manage to create an effective brochure design and use the tool to its best capacity. It is a marketing tool that can be used in several ways, that is why companies print several types of brochures and pamphlets. However, that does not mean small businesses that are on a tight budget need to force themselves to print several types of brochures. Instead, they can get their purpose served by printing only one type, which is capable of serving all situations.

Pamphlets can, anyway, be a wasteful investment as it is only a little more than throw-away marketing. But, that does not stop marketing savvy businesses from trying them out, because it is nonetheless a powerful sales tool that is particularly suited for lead generation. Interested people pick them up irrespective of them being kept on counter tops at a bank, doctor’s chamber. They are also distributed at trade fairs or other events; and this way, you can get your objectives communicated to your target customers.

Here are three ways in which you can turn brochures into lead generating machines:

Create want

First things first, human beings are essentially selfish beings. We love no one else more than ourselves. So, never make the mistake of thinking that your customers care about you. If you want them to part with their hard-earned money, you need to motivate them to take part in the transaction. In other words, you will have to create in them a want for the product you are selling so that they become ready to pay for it. This can be done by discussing the benefits of your products and services. You need to explain it to them how your products can help them solve their problems and make their lives easier.

Deliver and offer

When your customers agree to close a deal with you, you need to make sure the process gets over sweetly. You may use a part of your brochure to provide a time-limited offer that helps in getting you customers off the fence. Your offer should be such that it is found valuable by your customers and profitable by you. A limited offer can get you quicker responses from your customers out of the fear of missing the offer.

Include a respond panel

You can ask your brochure design expert to turn a part of your pamphlet into a response card, where prospective customers can include their contact information, list their names, any information that they would like to collect from you and then give it back to you. In order to generate more leads, you can offer attractive discounts to those who list the names of their family members and friends in the response card.

For getting this done, you need to instruct your printing company to place a perforation on the response page, so that customers can separate it easily and keep the literature of your company intact in the brochure.

So, you see generating leads with pamphlets is not rocket science. All you need to do is hire a good brochure design company and follow the above tips.

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24th Sep, 2013

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