Why Do You Need E Brochures For Your Business

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Printed brochures have been an effective medium of advertisement for a long time. However, today, it is being replaced by e-brochures. The reason behind this is obvious, which is the rapid growth of the internet community. It is this that has led to the graduation of internet media to the level of the print one. Advertising print media like magazines, newspapers etc. are all being published online. E brochure design has, thus, become much popular today, taking up a significant place in the electronic advertising world. An e-brochure looks just like a printed one, expect for the fact that it can be much more versatile.You may be wondering why would you need an e brochure if you already have a website. Well, you would need it as an online catalog for your consumers that they can view whenever they want. With online brochures or pamphlets, you do not need to post your printed brochure if your customer orders it over a phone call. Instead, what you can do is email it to him or her within few moments of the phone call.

 The various benefits that online pamphlets offer are as follows:

  • Free unlimited distribution: You can send out numerous copies of e brochures without ever running out of them.
  • Economical: E pamphlets being made from PDF, do not involve any printing costs. Delivery costs too are saved as you do not need to post them, but email them free of cost.
  • They are quick to download: E brochures can be quickly downloaded anytime, which saves you the trouble of finding them from under a heap of papers. The speed, however, depends on the size of the pamphlet and the internet speed.
  • Easy update: Online pamphlets can be easily updated without any hassle. You can make seasonal changes without any waste of time.
  • It looks like traditional brochures: Digital brochures can be made with the effect of turning the pages of a paper pamphlet.
  • Better quality: The technology of page-turning in e brochure design gives you the feel of real pamphlets, minus the annoying folds of the printed ones. You get better images, video and audio clips that can be launched by an image or graphic button.
  • Better impact of primary message: Effectively including one or more videos can go a long way in communicating with your target customers, that too without adding to the pamphlet’s download time.
  • Better client response: Clients can request for further information just at the click of a mouse.
  • Reduced time to respond: You can deal with the requests immediately.
  • Convenient delivery: You can deliver e brochures to any part of the world with the click of a mouse, without the end-user requiring any plug-ins or software.
  • Flexibility: With e pamphlets, you can easily adapt to the changes in the market and make the required changes in the brochures accordingly, without the need of getting your material reprinted.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of e brochure design, incorporate it in your online marketing scheme and see your business flourish.


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26th Sep, 2013

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