E-Brochure Design: Tips to Make it the Best Marketing Tool for Internet Users

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Brochures are the most economical and effective way of making sure people become aware of your brand, products and services. A good e brochure design will help you reach out to a large number of people. While designing brochures, the entire idea and concept should come from your mind; though sometimes, you may find it very hard to execute it for making the final product neat and attractive. Theory and practical are two different things and to get over the road block, you may have a look at other sample brochures before starting your own. Here are some tips to help you out and make sure that your e brochure is the best marketing tool for you and your brand.

Content or text

While including content or text, make sure it is as short, crisp and to the point as possible. No cramming the entire space available please! In fact, try to keep some spacing around the borders so that it does not look clumsy and people actually feel like reading what is written there. In fact, brochures should ideally contain 30% content and information about your company and the rest can be found out by people by getting in touch with you directly.


The most important initial guide is the layout which determines the position of design elements, images and texts. Once their placement is determined, the layout can be designed easily. E brochure design can be modified easily as well.


Typography or font selection supports the appearance of text and as such, contributes to the look of the brochure. Fonts which may prove to be hard to read should not be used as it would discourage readers from reading the content. Sometimes, we may see some new, interesting or funny font and use it for writing. But while incorporating it for brochures, be careful so that the reader does not feel uncomfortable reading a font that is too outlandish. Sometimes, something that is familiar may be more comforting. You can use different fonts for the heading to highlight it.


While selecting images, it is needless to say that they should be appropriate and complementary to the text. Mismatched images and texts will make readers feel disappointed. Another important thing about e-brochures is that the image should be of high quality and resolution. If the user opens it on a big screen, it should not look hazy as it can go against your brand. Also, later on, you can use this same brochure for print or paper and in such cases, top quality images will ensure that those would not appear distorted and you would not have to give any added effort.

Coming up with an attractive e brochure design may be tougher than most people think it to be. Even the most simple brochures need a very clear understanding of the topic and the minds of potential clients who would be reading it.

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1th Oct, 2013

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