Features of a Professional Brochure

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Brochures have been a favorite medium for small and big businesses alike for their amazing effectiveness as well as due to the fact that they do not cause a huge dent in the pocket. If you are a start-up business that cannot afford spending a huge amount of money on newspaper and television advertising, then having nice brochures and circulating them can do the trick. A brochure design that is good can help you in ways that even the other media can’t. For effective brochure designing, you have to put your focus and attention on some of its most important features which are highlighted and talked about below.


A very important attribute of the paper used for printing is its shape. If the shape of the brochure is interesting enough and clever, then the very presentation will result in a huge impact. For instance, if you manufacture a soft drink in mango flavor, you might try to design your brochures in a paper that is shaped like a mango. Even before starting to read its content, people will become aware of the product. This will make the effect of the brochure memorable.


Graphics is an extremely important part of brochures. But, you have to use them in an interesting and unique way that is free from cliches; this will help ensure your brochure is absolutely different and memorable. For example, if a business has several branches in a city, the brochure design usually contains a list of all the branches. But, this is very conventional and also boring in a sense. So, you might think of delivering the information through a city map that contains your branch locations. This will not only be effective but customers too will find it helpful, while trying to find out the nearest locations. A comprehensive and helpful brochure will surely impress them and they will keep it with them to reach you quickly. A very important function of brochures is also to induce people to retain them. If they keep them, you may be sure that their interest is piqued and they might be transformed into customers.


Color is something which is said to have an impact even on babies as they respond to colors at an early stage. So, recognize this and use it to your full advantage. For example, if you are selling paints, you need to inform your clients about the colors you keep. Here, just describing them in text is not enough and it will simply bore those who are looking at the brochure. Add some color to it by perhaps designing a rainbow in the pamphlet and write out a text beside that saying that you sell them. The color scheme here is also extremely important as it needs to be complementary.

Brochures are actually the face of an organization, so make sure your brochure design is elegant, open and clear so that your reputation and sale are increased by it.

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8th Oct, 2013

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