Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Regarding Brochure Design

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Young designers often have various questions about brochure design. The following answers will help in resolving most of your queries.

  • What exactly is a brochure?

It is a booklet that comprises of textual as well as visual information for the purpose of promotion and marketing. Its purpose is to inform and motivate its desired audience. Unlike pamphlets, it has several pages which are divided into various sections. It is the purpose of the brochure that determines whether there should be more of texts or that of images. For instance, in case of tourism, pictures play an important role while a medical booklet should focus more on text.

  • Can brochure be treated as an important instrument of communication?

Yes. This is why business organizations print it. It helps them attain their promotional goals in an effective way. It is designed and presented in a tempting way so that you are immediately hooked onto it. The information given out has to be correct; otherwise it won’t create the desired impact. The marketers are responsible for choosing a proper design for it that is perfectly suited to its purpose. The key to a successful brochure is an appropriate design.

  • What are its necessary elements?

    • Logo: Logo is something that gives an identity to your business. Hence, it is something you need to have before you start a business. An appealing logo can draw the attention of desired consumers and potential clients and thus effectively advertise your company. People tend to remember signs more than text; hence, a good logo ensures that you are not forgotten.
    • Color scheme: Color is a crucial part of design as it plays an important role in drawing attention. No one likes to look at dull things, hence color is a must-add. This is why using colors often costs you more. It is said that a customer looks at the brochure only for seven seconds and it is within these crucial seven seconds you need to please him or her. And nothing but color best serves this purpose.
    • Photographs: A picture communicates much more and much faster than words do. Text can often seem to be tedious but interesting pictures can prompt an individual to browse through all that you have to say.
    • Discretion: When it comes to reading brochures, pictures come first followed by headlines and details. Hence, it is necessary to communicate your information with images or headlines.
    • What are the various shapes in which you can have a brochure?

You can have it in bi-fold, tri-fold, gate-fold and Z-fold.

Keep it as simple as it can be. Do not try to incorporate too many things into it. For example, try not to use more than two or three fonts. This will confuse the customer in the first crucial seven seconds and your purpose will not be served.

Designing brochure is not rocket science; you just need to be creative and objective.

25th Sep, 2012

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