Free Tools That Can Aid Brochure Designers

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You generally think of Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape, Gimp, vector image editing software, etc. when you think graphic designing. However, brochure designers often have other standard tools in stock; be it a tool for selecting a colour scheme, or font tools, batch processing tools, there’s always another tool to help them in their strive for creating better brochure designs. It should be noted that these tools are not meant for hard-core professionals, but anyone add these secondary tools to their graphics toolkit. However, it is necessary to know which tools suit which requirements.

Here are a few tools that is meant to meet different graphic requirements. However, you cannot use them on their own to create masterpieces, but in conjunction with your favorite editor. These tools can indeed go a long way in polishing your offerings and abilities as a graphic designer.


With this amazing open source photography workflow software, you can do wonders to images. Darktable gives you an experience of virtual darkroom and a light table, similar to that of a professional photographer. Some features of this software includes non-destructive editing, powerful export system, zoomable user interface, zero-latency fullscreen, run database against image libraries, etc. Its module can take care of tasks like base curve, crop and rotate, highlight reconstruction, exposure controls, white balance, etc. Darktable runs on Mac and Linux.


This is one of the best handy graphics apps that you can ever get to use. Though it is known for batch editing digital images, brochure designers use it to do much more. A set of actions can be created for running on an image folder. There are several actions that can be included, like, colorize, colour to alpha, contour, crop, desaturate, invert, grid, mirror, mask, rotate, posterise, perspective, text, rename, save, etc. Once the set of actions has been created, designers can run them against a folder of files. They also have the option of making alterations in the source files, or create a new folder in order to retain the integrity of the originals. This software runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Colour Scheme Generator

You may not ever use this tool, but if you need to develop a solid colour scheme, you can actually feel glad that you have this tool. It works by scanning an image and generating a colour scheme for the purpose of matching the image-pallet. Small, medium and large colour schemes can be generated with this tool. The scheme that a designer generates is dependent on the colours that he or she needs. A small scheme should be generated if more colours are needed and vice versa. The HSV, RGB and HEX values of each colour can be generated with this colour scheme. This software is available on Android.


This can be useful when you are required to know the values of a colour. Designers can get several such applications, but amongst them Gpick is of a much better quality. This features quick colour picking, select colour from anywhere on desktop, make palette from images, automatically named colours, copy picked colours to clipboard, export/import, make harmonious colours, mix colours, etc. In short, Gpick is the tool you should choose if you want to pick a colour.

Brochure designers require tools other than the standard ones. Each of these secondary tools have something worth it for every designer who wants to expand his or her current toolbox.

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5th Feb, 2014

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