What Are The Various Strategies of Brochure Marketing?

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It is not without a reason that brochures are still a popular marketing material in this digital world. The prime reason for its popularity is that there are few other mediums that allow you to present your message in such a compact and portable manner. Do you think that brochure design is all about what you want to say about your business? Well, no. It is rather about what you want the audience to do.


It is not enough just to know who your target audience is, you also need to know what exactly motivates them. Identify an issue and focus on a specific need or desire that your target audience has, and develop your flier in a way so that it can solve the issue. You should know that there are five types of fliers- leave behinds, direct mail, point of sale, sales support and response, and that each is designed to take advantage of some particular marketing nuances. An effective brochure is that which focuses on selling a product or service. If you have to sell different products, you should get different brochures for each of them, and not compile them into one catalog.


How can you motivate your audience to take the next step in the buying process with your brochure design? You can do that by attracting them to your products and services. In order to attract customers, you have to make your offer tempting and reliable. Instead of offering them a free consultation, offer them a good time-bound discount or may be a VIP pass. Always remember that it is emotions that drive people to buy and it is only with logic that they justify them. Hence, you as a seller need to tickle the desires of your prospective buyers through an assortment of some desirable gains.

Give direction

So, you have a great and catchy lead with an irresistible offer backed with plenty of supporting audience. Now that you are required to seal the deal, you need to tell your audience to take specific action. While you do that you should make sure that it is done in a pronounced manner. Without a clean and clear CTA or call to action, your flier will fail and all your efforts will go to waste. A clear response directive often motivate prospects to take action immediately, particularly when your offer is time-bound.

Target Potential Customers

According to the 40/40/20 rule, success of direct marketing depends 40% on quality, 40% on listings, and the remaining 20% on other factors like copy, design, etc. In short, this means that all you need to do to sell your products and services is to get the right item before the right person. Your brochure marketing campaign has to have a current mailing list that comprises people who are likely to buy your products.

Creating a great brochure design marketing campaign can be difficult but not impossible. Use the above-discussed marketing strategies to your advantage when chalking out your next flier campaign.

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28th Jan, 2014

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