Great Brochure Design Tips

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There is a common complaint that brochures are ignored and never read properly. But it is the design to blame and not the reader. Assuming that a reader stays busy with other commitments, it is a challenge for designers to attract their fancy with tempting brochure designs. It’s challenging for a brochure design services provider to take care that it is looked into and read. Here is the test of an effective brochure designer.

 A brochure is always a part of business identity and should always be made distinctive. Brochures should always be designed with a catchy caption or image such that a reader’s attention is automatically drawn to it. At the same time a brochure designer must ensure that written matter is legible and brochure material is of good quality. It is a tendency among people to ignore brochures that are not printed on good quality paper.

Be Creative and Original

Creativity is the hallmark of a brochure design company. This creativity should be easily noticed and not searched for. Brochures being point of sales materials can have unconventional shapes or striking colours. Suppose you have taken up an assignment for a car rental company. It will be prudent to design a brochure in the shape of an automobile. But you can explore other options as well. But whatever it is, it has to be creative.

Choose the Right Size and Material

One essential aspect of a good brochure design is its size. Too small a size is lost easily while a too big one is difficult to manage. Ideally its size should stay somewhere between a notepad and A4. Anything beyond this fails to catch the attention of onlookers and prospective buyers. Together with the size, brochure material is an important factor for a custom brochure design company. If these are meant to be distributed as handouts, then too much spending on brochure material is a waste. In case they are meant to be sent as mailers, a thicker material is preferable.

If your brochure design services are for an insurance company, then it is wise to have brochures that are informative and stay with the customer for some time. Creating brochures in the size of invitation cards highlighting the principal plans could be a brilliant idea.

Get it Sharp and Neat

For a professional look you should design a brochure with high resolution print quality. Nothing less than 300 dpi (dots per inch) would create a presentable impression. This is particularly true for brochures having images as they need to be sharp and neat. A crisp look is further ensured by regular edges. For cutting the edges sharp, machine cutters are advisable. Manual cutters are not the right choice as they tend to bend and make your tri fold brochure design ugly.

15th Dec, 2011

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  1. Thanks for sharing the Brochure Design
    tips. It is necessary to design the brochure attractively so that users will not ignore it. Designer must have creative mind to deliver unique designs.

  2. Very nice; Helpful tips of Brochures design.
    Thanks for sharing this post.keep it up..Unique brochures designs are always attract customers towards your Brand.

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