Trifold Brochure Design to Captivate Customers

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Tri fold brochure design is in fact a misnomer in that it has two folds creating three panels on either side. This term ‘tri fold’ actually refers to these three panels that are used for writing. This form of brochure design is ideal for small businesses as they can be send in normal no. 10 envelopes as promotional material.

A brochure is always designed to make it catchy and appealing. Only highlighting features, attractive images, and outstanding information should ideally appear in a brochure. It must be remembered that brochures are not meant to inform but to attract. Websites and sell sheets should be specifically used for providing detailed information. While designing a tri fold brochure the approach should be direct with only the most important points mentioned. If it is a festival offer for pizzas then it is better to restrict the brochure text to ‘festival offer’ only and not divert into something different. Figurative languages and jargons are a strict no-no in brochure designing. A custom brochure design services company need be careful of these parameters in tri fold brochures.

Parts of a Tri Fold Brochure

A tri fold brochure has a number of distinctive parts, each with its own characteristic. Companies making custom brochure design in India are well aware of these features.

Front Cover – When creating a tri fold brochure the frontal or the cover should be visually attractive with an image, logo, or tag line that would automatically encourage the reader to unfold it. On the cover of a tri fold brochure design only one or two highlighted points or a single tag line might be used. Too much of writing on the cover would not only destroy the looks of the brochures but also the whole purpose of getting it printed.

Back cover – The back cover should nothing more that the contact details and website address if any. This is the least important part of your brochure.

Inside Front Panel – In your brochure design this is the most important part. It should contain the main points on which your customers to focus on. A summary of your products and services, outstanding achievements, or your telephone numbers might also be highlighted in this panel.

The Inside Spread – When the tri fold brochure is opened up completely you get your inside spread. As the space is not very large the matter to be scripted here needs to be selected well. A small description of your company in a couple of sentences, a summarized list of products and services, and remarkable competitive advantages are matters that could be included here. This innovation of laying out the details is a challenge for custom brochure services concerns.

In a tri fold brochure design it is essential to capture your target’s audience attention by emphasising on your competitive advantages rather than the entire gamut of products or services offered.

7th Dec, 2011

7 Replies to “Trifold Brochure Design to Captivate Customers”

  1. Excellent article .
    I am currently working on brochures and I know it is a challenging job.

    A brochure can increase brand identity and brand identity will bring loyal clients .

    So you need a good brochure to develop good name for your own company.

  2. tri fold brochure design is not a easy thing to need to be very experience to design a brochure .Because you have less space and you need to do lots of works on a small piece of paper

  3. Hi there, just became aware of your weblog through Google, and found that it’s really informative. Tri fold brochure design is very much important for a business.You made some very good points which will surely help us.

  4. Hey very nice weblog!! Guy .. Stunning .. Wonderful .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds also… I love your brochure samples also.

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