Hot Tips for a Cool Business Logo Design

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A logo is one of the most valuable properties that a business concern can have. It essentially represents the face or the identity of the company in such a way that it immediately generates recognition, trust and reliability in the minds of its potential customers and other important stakeholders. Since it is one of the visual marks that everybody is exposed to via product packaging, visiting cards and letterheads, advertisements, website and various marketing collaterals, the logo design should be meaningful. Not only should it be completely distinctive but arouse a sense of trust in the minds of all those who encounter it. The task of logo design should always be entrusted to professionals as only they can ensure compliance to the various principles that govern the development of an effective logo.

Preparatory Work before Developing a Logo

Since the primary task of an emblem is to communicate, you should thoroughly research about the target audience. Ask the client to give the details and then do some further research yourself so that you know you are bang on target. Look into the history of the company and their path of evolution and decide whether you can pick up any cues from their heritage.

Always make it a point to refer to all your previous sketches that you may have done for reference and inspiration. Take advantage of the Internet to do research on competitor logos and industry patterns. Look at successful logos but never fall prey to the temptation of imitating an established one.

Working Out the Initial Design

With the feel you have developed after conducting your research and understanding the requirement bring out your pencil and start sketching the first ideas that come to your mind. Make these sketches quickly even before you think about the computer as the concepts are better captured using sketches than Photoshop. The next stage of logo design is to create vectors using advanced software like Illustrator.

Getting the Typography Right and Using Space

Adapting existing fonts can work very well if the word involved is common as there is little chance of it being misinterpreted. Avoid gimmicky fonts like the plague and use classic fonts. For a successful design, the font must match the character of the brand and the industry in which the company operates. It is not essential to add graphics if you can come up with a brilliant typography.

Using Graphic Design to Strengthen the Logo

To create a sense of dynamism, use a suggestion of motion and also take into account cultural interpretations by audiences in which your business operates. See if it can be as easily reproduced in black and white as in colour. Simplicity always wins, so limit your font usage to two or less and test it against different backgrounds; light, and dark to see if it works properly.

Testing the Emblem

Make different sizes to see if it works for different applications as well as different media such as print, web, mobile, etc. Think of every conceivable situation and see how the logo design fairs.


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1th Jul, 2014

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    Thanks for sharing such valuable tips. In an impelling logo design, bright colors and catchy content are very important to attract visitors. If your logo contain both the elements then it will surely help you to get success in future.

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