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In today’s world, where people are mostly connected to devices and gizmos, business and marketing; primarily, occur under the sway of internet. This lifestyle has made it common in the business practices, to abandon a brochure design company, over a quick check of the business matters through the online media. Nevertheless, a good sales brochure that can improve the bottom-line of your business still holds a pivotal place to bring in a substantial number of leads. A sales brochure that can really work wonder for your business should inform your clients about the benefits of your services.
In case of a sales brochure, you need to have a professional approach by spelling the benefits of your products and services. This will entice your readers to dig more into it and see your offerings. Although, it is a straightjacket approach, but the utter simplicity of your business transparency captures the imagination of your prospects and encourages them to experience your business offerings. A good sales brochure is the one, which the prospects will read, because it is engaging, save it, as it is informative, and take action, for it is swaying.

There are several minute and specific points that can add wings to a sales brochure.

Overall Developmental Elements

To achieve success, you need to take care of the booklet write-up, images, graphic design, good quality of paper, flawless printing process, and compensations of the staffs and associates involved. As you picture your well-designed sales brochure, ponder into your budget, considering all these heads and keeping some as the buffer. Nevertheless, cost cannot be the only hindrance, as many brochures fail due to their inappropriate images and copy, which depict a wrong marketing message and brand value, making the prospects turn a blind eye.

Design for your Customers

While you are in pursuit to design grand marketing medium to stand apart, you need to keep in mind that all the efforts you are putting are for the customers. Thus, while planning the draft of the catalogue, make sure that you know the customers, and their needs. To solve this self-projected issue, ask yourself few questions like why your customers will read the brochure? What is the most important thing it can deliver? What is the USP of your business? To gain more insight in the issue you may talk to the salespersons, or customers, who can give you the ground reality.

Build your Brochure on AIDA Model

One of the most proven and successful instructional models is Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action (AIDA). This model can fetch you the success of designing a professional sales brochure. Typically, a brochure design company creates flyers that can claim the attention of the prospective buyers. The images, colours and fonts encourage viewers to read the catalogue. While reading, as they find the beneficial information in it, eventually, they desire for the services, and finally take action.

Do not Try to Sale

It may sound awfully weird, but this is very first thing, even a newbie marketing executive will tell you. Remember that your prospects are not interested in your amenities. In order to get their attention, you must tell what you can do for them or how your services can make their life simple. For example- an insurance company can say, “Do you want to save tax?” The answer of the viewers is obviously “yes”. The next line can say “Invest in insurance policies to save tax”.

Layout Typography and Visuals your Audience can Relate

On an average, your customers would take less than 5 seconds to view the brochure cover. If the images, layout, heading, and catch phrase are not up to the mark, they would not even bother to open the brochure. If the meaning of the visual and written content is not convincing, they will simply throw the flyer away. Hence, make sure that the message is intact.

Call to Action to Evoke Urge

Include call to action at the end of the main sections, to remind your customers what they need to do to avail the benefits of your products/services. If you succeed in grabbing their attention, explain them, what should be their next step. For example- “call us to book your product now”.

Propel your Audience for Action

All your efforts to make the brochure design as per the AIDA model may fail, if you do not urge your audiences to take an action. Focusing on the benefits, you have to give valid reasons to the readers so that they take an action. If your brochure does not have this push factor, the potential customers may contact other businesses offering the same type of services. The typical ways to grab your customers’ interest is to introduce special discount for a specific period, rebate sale, or gifts on purchase of certain amount or before a specific date.

Easy and Engaging Ways to Revert

Your target consumers can be from different strata of the society. Some may prefer to take the old way, and others may prefer the latest. To cater to these customers, your booklet should highlight various ways to contact your company. Be sure to include your business or brand name, contact number, e-mail, and the official website address. To engage the modern clientele you should also provide the Quick Response (QR) Code. You can configure the links of your social media business pages in the QR code. This can even redirect your prospects to the product or contact pages of your company website, or a sign up page to register for newsletter. This will enhance the brand association with your audience.
Nevertheless, apart from the aforementioned points of successful brochure designing and development, a designer working in a brochure design company, can bank on the other subtle issues. To stand out of the crowd, you can make your brochure in different shapes using the dais-cut technology, print on coloured papers, and use various high quality imported papers, with varied textures to give your brand a versatile look.

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