The Important Role that Graphic Design Plays in Business

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Are you planning to announce or sell something, persuade or amuse someone, or demonstrate a process or a complicated system to anyone? Well, you have surely heard of graphic designing and graphic designer, haven’t you? However, do you know the role that it plays in your business, or your daily existence? Every single day we are bombarded with several business messages; messages trying to make us buy something, try a certain product or service, or explain a complex process. You, being a businessman, are always on a mission to convince your potential costumers to give your products or services a try.
I am sure you have considered your message to the world. Well and good. But how do you plan to convey the message? Do you think telling your story is enough? Is word-of-mouth marketing strong enough to convince your potential customer to buy your product and service? Verbal communication is effective, but if you are using a visual medium, like a poster, video, business card, magazine ad, brochure or letter, etc., you are making use of graphic design, a powerful form of communication.
Graphic designing is an active part of our daily lives. Everything, right from the wrapper of a chocolate, to billboards to the clothes that you are wearing has got graphic design involved in it. It organises, identifies, informs, attracts, and convinces your target audience. A graphic designer is the one who decides how a certain idea is to be presented before the audience.
No wonder businesses these days are trying to make the best use of graphic designing in order to make a mark in their niche. The present market is an unstable one; graphic design can make it stand out in the crowd. While big businesses have also made in-house design departments to take care of the brand, others often work with graphic design companies for creating and maintaining their brand image.
The best thing about graphic design is that a designer has a long list of techniques and mediums to enhance the message that needs to be conveyed. A graphic designer can access paint, computer generated images, photography and much more to create a great message.
One of the greatest works of a designer is to think, think of concepts and ideas to present a message in a more attractive manner. An ideal designer is one who can break through the junk of everyday messages, and come with something that is worth giving a look at. A good design is that which stays with the viewers even after they have turned their eyes off it, inspiring them to go for it.

The Importance of Graphic Design:

Brand Recognition

The logo of your company is what people identify your business by. Hence, there is absolutely no way you can afford to make a mistake here. A logo is something that is to stay with your business for as long as it survives. It ought to be attractive, functional and professional, so that it establishes an instant connection with the onlooker. For this you need to have excellent graphic designing.


You logo has to be absolutely bang-on if you want your business to make a good impression on clients, customers, vendors, etc. A poor design will only adversely affect the image of your business, making it appear to be cheap. Once you have a wrong impression in business, it is difficult to undo it.

Company Unity

Your employees are surrounded by company web pages, stationary, publications, uniforms, etc. If you want all of them to be united, you need to bind them together with a common design, i.e., the brand logo of your business. Building a brand is as much an interior factor, i.e., within the office, as it is exterior. This way your employees develop solidarity towards the brand; and a good graphic design only strengthens this feeling.


The usefulness of a graphic design is not limited to creating a logo for your business. Graphic designing is capable of producing visual aids that can help you get your ideas across. As it is said, a picture speaks a thousand words, an informative image can convey much more than words. You can use professionally designed images for creating a positive impression and avoid all kinds of misunderstandings.

Efficiency and Productivity

A bad graphic design can negatively impact the productivity of a worker and the efficiency of the workforce. Your website is where you make business; hence, its design is always under scrutiny. A good design should include some very basic features, like, legible fonts, navigation, and proper use of colours.


You may have to pay a huge price for having a bad graphic design. This is because a bad design is bound to look unpleasant, thus, forcing you to redesign, which means spending an extra amount. So, if you have to spend on design, why not spend on a good one? Fortunately, there are many modern techniques, like crowdsourcing, for getting attractive and professional designs.
So, you see graphic design is important for a business. Be it your logo or your site, your brand is the first thing that people get to see. Another very significant part that design plays is to keep the existing customers from feeling the remorse of a buyer. Graphic design can also play a huge part in marketing your business, such as via TV commercials, magazine ads, etc. All these play a great part is sending your message across. As graphic designing has got such an important part to play in enhancing your business, it does not come at a cheap cost. But, spending this money is absolutely worth it, because it is one time investment that helps you get business for the lifetime of your company.
So, get hold of a good graphic designer or a designing company for a brand logo, with which you never have to look back again. Consider the points stated in this blog, if you have been underestimating the importance of graphic designing.

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10th Sep, 2014

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